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Through the Porthole – Bream Series

Through the Porthole – Bream Series

by February 5, 2016



Photo by Scott Butler

Scott Butler took this photo on his iPhone on 29 November at the Spit boat ramp, during the event. Pictured are the 18 registered teams on the day. Throughout the 2015 series, a total of 62 different teams competed in the fishing series. On the day of the photo, the winning team was Sporty’s Fishing Alex Roy and Ben Prednergast.

A champion angler, Scott has been competing in bream tournaments for over nine years and has won more than 40 tournaments nationally. In 2014, Scott came first in the National Bream Classic Grand Final in Sydney Harbour and was awarded the Australian Angler of the Year and held the number one ranked angler status nationally for five months. He is the founder and event organiser of the Gold Coast Bream Series.

This catch-and-release fishing tournament began in 2013 to provide anglers a fun, friendly and competitive environment. The Gold Coast Bream Series is a lure-fishing tournament. The competitors have varying degrees of experience ranging from professional anglers to first time participants. On average, 75 fish are weighed in alive at each event with all the fish released to fight another day.

Gold Coast Bream Series boats can vary from full professional tournament bass boats right down to small tinnies. The rules stipulate that minimum boat length should be 3.7 metres with at least a 15hp outboard and that the boat must be equipped with at least a 60-litre live-bait holding tank to keep the fish alive.

Gold Coast Bream Series pays back over 90 percent of the entry fee to the anglers via cash and prizes with events held at the best breaming location in Northern New South Wales and Southeast Queensland.

In 2015, the largest bag of five bream weighed in was 3.85 kilos caught in Round 8 at Tweed Heads by Team JML Anglers Alliance which is a new Gold Coast Bream Series record. The largest single bream weighed was a 1.17KG Bream caught in the Gold Coast Winter Classic by Scott Butler. From time to time, teams do come back without fish. But it happens regardless of skill level; hence, it is called fishing, not catching.


RD 1: 30-31 January – Zipbaits Gold Coast Bream Summer Championships

RD 2: 9-10 April – Addicted Fishing Co Moreton Bay Bream Championships Bribie Island.

RD 3: 28-29 May – Northern Rivers Bream Championships Iluka.

RD 4: 2-3 July – Zipbaits Queensland Bream Championship Gold Coast.

RD 5: 24-25 September – Tweeds Heads Bream Challenge. [/toggles]


Editorial by Andy Kancachian