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By David Bradburn

Bluewater Cruising Yachts is pleased to announce we have sold a total of 28 Cygnet 20s since we launched #1 Cygnet at the Sydney Boatshow in August 2017.

A lovely story I can share is where Lizzie placed a deposit with Bluewater for a Cygnet 20 for her husband Neil without telling him. She surprised him by taking him down to East Coast Marina, Manly, QLD to meet, view and sail Michael Shannon’s Cygnet 20 #3 “Hopewell” which was a birthday surprise for Neil. They had a lovely sail out on Moreton Bay.

Neil saw these beautiful trailer sailers at the Sydney Boat Show 2019, and we remember him coming back on a few occasions looking, talking and admiring the boat. A few comments they made were as follows:

“We loved the simplicity of the boat, and getting going. Neil could easily sail the yacht on his own, and he is super happy to have the option of an electric outboard. We love the clean lines, attention to detail and the space below would make for a comfortable week away! We have started making plans already and wish we did not have to wait so long. Also, Michael Shannon was a huge fan and generously gave his time. He says he never needs an excuse to tinker or to take “Hopewell” out on the Bay. We look forward to that!”

To Neil and Lizzie, we are so pleased you have decided to build your own Cygnet 20, and welcome you both to the Bluewater family. Also, a special thank you to Michael Shannon for always making himself available, and showing his beautiful yacht “Hopewell” to prospective customers. Michael, we thank you for your continued support.

And also, Andrew from NSW (#26) visited the factory and met with David and Will and thoroughly looked over the Cygnet 20, viewed the moulds and boats on the build in the factory, met the staff who build them, and enjoyed a sail on Lake Macquarie. He enjoyed it so much he placed his deposit the next day. A warm welcome to Andrew also to our growing Bluewater family.

And just out of interest so far we have sold numbers as follows:

NSW – 11, QLD – 6, WA – 4, VIC – 4, NT – 1, ACT – 1, SA – 0, TAS – 1 Total 28

We would love to have Cygnet 20s sailing in all states and territories of Australia so come on SA and TAS we want to hear from you. Anyone interested in viewing, and having a test sail on one of these special Bluewater Cygnet 20 trailer sailers please email us at so we can organise.

Now that numbers are growing we are looking forward to raising our Cygnet 20 Gaffer Association profile with the intention of meeting 2-4 times a year for fun and festivities. Typically a long weekend whereby there will be a couple of short fun races and a cruise to a pretty anchorage for catching up, sharing stories of adventures, and getting to know other like-minded Cygnet 20 owners.










Published in print July-September 2021



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