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Ultimate Jet Ski Lift

Ultimate Jet Ski Lift

The Ultimate Jet Ski Lift is a floating solar-powered and remote-controlled jet ski/PWC lift, docking system, and station that entails zero effort or damage. It is a patented Australian-designed and manufactured state-of-the-art jet ski docking station and lift.

The Ultimate Jet Ski Lift brings together the latest design in jet ski lift technology, superior materials, and quality-assured manufacturing, and signals a new era for the marine leisure industry.


Quick & Easy

With the Ultimate Jet Ski Lift, you can launch or retrieve your jet ski in approximately 10 seconds. No physical effort is required to launch or retrieve your jet ski. No more wasted time and no more pulling or dragging – 100% user-friendly!


Low Maintenance

The Ultimate Jet Ski Lift is fully self-sufficient using solar power, and does not require land power. It is a floating pontoon PWC lift manufactured using excellent quality materials to ensure durability and long trouble-free life.


Solid Construction

Superior-designed, using high quality materials and world-class technology, the Ultimate Jet Ski Lift pontoon is constructed from quality marine-grade aluminium and polyethylene, giving it unsurpassed buoyancy and stability and making it virtually unsinkable.


The Ultimate Jet Ski Lift has been designed to:

  • Allow quick and easy mechanical launch and retrieval of the jet ski via a remote control;
  • Provide stable and secure take off and docking;
  • Maximize your time on the water;
  • Minimize the historical grind of charging and flushing;
  • Improve access for speedy maintenance and running repairs;
  • Secure the jet ski and protect it from the harsh Australian elements;
  • Arrest depreciation of the jet ski that can result from wear and tear due to hard handling while launching and retrieving the jet ski the old way;
  • Minimize the jetty space required.

The Ultimate Jet Ski Lift is an exciting new product taking the jet ski industry by storm! By maximizing your time on the water and protecting your jet ski, you can get the most out of your jet ski investment.

It is the most innovative and impressive product of its kind in the marine leisure market today.



As an avid marine leisure enthusiast, Angelo Siokos loves getting out on the water at any opportunity. After buying a jet ski, he was initially very thrilled at the prospect of spending as much time as possible enjoying his latest investment, and sharing the fun and excitement with his family and friends.

Unfortunately, like so many other jet ski owners, he quickly came to realise that the reality was far removed from his dream. The work, effort and time needed to launch, retrieve, flush, charge and store his jet ski often made the whole experience difficult, cumbersome and significantly reduced the pleasure that he had anticipated. Consequently, he was not using his jet ski nearly as much as he would have wished.

Convinced that there had to be a solution, Angelo researched the products available to improve his usage and enjoyment. He found that the products currently on the market were average at best, and offered little to reduce the workload and time required to get the most out of his jet ski. He decided to take matters into his own hands. He designed and had the first prototype of the Ultimate Jet Ski Lift manufactured.

The Jet Ski Lift you see today has come a long way in design, materials and construction, and is now the fully functional and professionally finished Ultimate Jet Ski Lift available to jet ski owners worldwide.

Angelo’s wife and daughters now also enjoy the jet ski regularly without needing his assistance, as there is no physical effort required to launch or retrieve it.



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