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Australia’s largest trailerable boat

Article by Rowan Stewart

The CR 2800 demands attention not just for its good looks and sassy attitude, but for its impressive size. With a 2.5m beam, it is the largest trailerable boat in Australia, and is surprisingly easy to handle and tow, despite its bulk, thanks to the included custom-designed Mackay trailer. Launching using the trailer can be quickly mastered, so you and your guests are able to spend more time out on the water, having the time of your lives.

The sheer size of the CR 2800 means there is plenty of space to spread out and relax, and it certainly lives up to its reputation as ‘the ultimate seaside resort’. You can easily make the most of the indoor and outdoor comforts with this goddess of the seas.

With a roomy cockpit and comfortable captain’s seat, it is a joy to operate. Everything is within easy reach and the large windows allow for brilliant visibility. There is a sunroof to improve airflow and to help out when launching this big beauty. This area also houses a lavish L-shaped lounge to unwind upon.

A foldaway table makes this the perfect place for a delightful meal on a star-lit night, with enough room for six. The table doubles as a bed base, and one can spend a memorable night with the silvery moon and lapping waves for company.

The cabin is every bit as phenomenal, with heaps of room for entertaining and sleeping after a long day of fishing or indulging in watersports. There is a luxurious lounge and dining area, complete with a big TV, that quickly converts into the sleeping quarters. Not a scrap of the interior is wasted due to smart design, and it can really feel like you are in a floating hotel.

The cooking set-up is a thrill for those who think they are Australia’s answer to Gordon Ramsay. There’s a surprisingly spacious and well-lit galley and all the furnishings you can ask for, including a sink, microwave, twin-burner stove and fridge for the beer and bubbly. Imagine whipping up a sumptuous seafood platter for your guests, as the CR 2800 provides the perfect backdrop for your candlelit feast.

There is no need to pack light while on the water, because there is ample storage throughout the cabin. The cupboards are well-designed and sturdy, so they do not get in the way of the flowing feel of the downstairs area. Even a rainy morning will not be able to spoil your mood, because you will still be able to sprawl out under cover and admire the views.

The CR 2800 also comes with a toilet and stand-up shower, which you will certainly appreciate, after a day spent in the Queensland sun, trying to catch your dinner! Even if you are not the world’s greatest fisherman, you can feel like an angling superstar as you dangle a line off the back of the marlin board, pulling in bream and flatties.

The rear platform is – surprise, surprise! – very roomy and can quickly become your favourite place to unwind during a couple of days or more in the boat. It is the best spot to chuck a BBQ. Thanks to the handy rod storage bays and bait station, you do not have to take a break from fishing to turn over a few snags. Sitting on a deck chair with chill-out music rolling through a bluetooth speaker is a memory you will definitely long cherish.

Charm and style are nothing without the power to back it up. The 250hp V6 Volvo Penta is very impressive, because it provides all the speed and acceleration needed for a fun trip. The fuel economy is superb and it stacks up well against other motors in the price range – and even those are a fair bit more expensive.

The motor is particularly quiet for something so robust, which makes cruising around on a calm day even more pleasant. There is a freshwater cooling system and a fancy salt flush. This might sound complicated, but all you need to know is that it works wonderfully and handles like a dream. The system is monitored by a 16- inch Garmin unit that shows all the diagnostics on a simple, easy-to-read display. Everything is where it should be and very straightforward. You will not have any trouble adapting to your new surroundings, so you can concentrate on the beautiful vistas and captivating company rather than the technical aspects.

Dealing with the Whittley team is simple and straightforward, and this will be the case for anyone wanting to purchase a CR 2800. Unlike with foreign set-ups, the company that builds the boat is right there for the entire sales process via factory-owned dealerships in all Australian states, even right here in Southeast Queensland, located at Coomera within The Boat Works. Whittley also has an in-house post-sales support centre for peace of mind. That’s right, a trip out on the water is not the only thing that is sure to be cruisy!

Overall, the CR 2800 is an exceptional vessel that is graceful, refined and powerful. Although initially daunting because of its size, this elegant cruiser proves to be reassuringly easy to tow, launch and maneuver through the water. With more room than you and your guests would know what to do with, you will feel spoiled every time with the CR 2800.

Trust me, after experiencing this floating palace, a resort on dry land just will not cut it anymore!


Queensland’s leading trailerable fibreglass boat sales facility, Whittley Queensland (QLD), has a permanent display of over 10 boats at the bustling marine hub of the Coomera Marine Precinct at The Boat Works. Offering on-water boat tests, first-time user training and a customer service division with mobile and on-site marine engine servicing to the Gold Coast and Greater Brisbane regions.

For more information on all new Whittley boat sales, contact Laurie Jackson on 0409 830 078.

For all boat service enquiries, contact Aaron Herd on 0411 161 993.

Published in print October-December 2021


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