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Durable and low maintenance boats, providing a quiet, smooth and safe ride.






High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is known for its high strength-to-density ratio, which makes it extremely well suited to all forms of marine application. With over 200 proven boat designs under our collective portfolio, we have decided to offer the world a super tough yet attractive commercial boat range built with HDPE, of thickness between 12 – 40 mm.

Constructed using our PlasPlate construction method, these HDPE designs have a similar weight to plate aluminium boats, yet come with all the additional benefits of the tough HDPE.


The environmental benefits that accompany the use of HDPE in waterways begin with its manufacturing. HDPE resin uses significantly less energy to manufacture when compared to other materials.

HDPE offers significant advantages over other types of materials. It is more corrosion resistant than aluminium or steel, and naturally inhibits the growth of certain organisms. It also offers smooth water flow, and it is resistant to the lime deposits often found on FRP boats.


Lighter than water A density between 930 and 970 kg/m3 means HDPE is lighter than water. Even when cut into small pieces and thrown into water, HDPE will remain floating.

Ride quality With its incredibly high impact absorbing and thermal density qualities, our boats ride like no other. You can expect a soft, quiet and smooth ride from all Impact boat designs.

Low maintenance HDPE does not corrode, requires almost no maintenance, is resistant to water, petroleums, salt and chemicals. HDPE’s resistance is due to the non-polar or paraffinic nature of the material. HDPE is not prone to osmosis or electrolysis.

No anti fouling needed Once again, due to the nature of this amazing material, no antifouling is required, meaning no dangerous toxic chemicals will be released into our precious waterways. There is no expensive and time consuming maintenance required, assuming regular usage or cleaning of the boat.

High impact resistance HDPE is both tough and flexible thanks to its elastic properties. A strong HDPE hull is perfect if you work close to the shore and rocks as well as needing to constantly dock up against any other surfaces. A HDPE boat is virtually indestructible, so will stay with you for decades.

Colour options and UV resistant A frequently asked question: “Could we get the boat in a different colour other than black, and are your colour options UV stable?” YES. After extensive research, we have teamed up with a trusted Australian manufacturer of HDPE sheeting that can offer UV Stabilised – HDPE colour sheeting options to suit your requirements.

Simple to repair HDPE is very easy to repair, any local plastic production company can do it for you or you can DIY – ask us for your own welding kit. Perfect for use in remote areas.

Low carbon footprint HDPE is well known for its for strong mechanical properties, and long-term life expectancy. And we should also take time to recognise that this material offers a carbon footprint rating that is 3x lower than compacted clay and 5x lower than aluminium. It’s simply amazing!

100% recyclable Fibreglass boats have a limited lifespan and are impossible to recycle. The same goes for aluminium; metal deterioration will send any aluminium boat to the scrapheap at some point. However, HDPE is 100% recyclable

All our boats are designed, built and tested in Australia for our harsh conditions, using proven hull designs to run perfectly. Impact boats are available in a wide range of hull styles and cabin designs. All boats are for commercial & recreational usage, and are built to survey standards upon request.

Ideal for recreational fishos, marina operators, tourism, government, police and fisheries, fire and rescue, military, crew transfer, workboat and remote usages.

If you are looking for an innovative boat that pushes the limits, contact Impact boats for further details.







Published in print October-December 2021