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Wicked Work – Design, Fabricate and Install

Wicked Work – Design, Fabricate and Install

The team at Wicked Fabrications in Coomera custom make a range of products to suit each project, whether it is something small like a bait board right up to project planning a complete vessel fit out. Their recent work on the superyacht Hunter involved the latest designs and innovations to deliver modern and practical solutions to the vessel’s owners. The 114” (34.75m) Falcon monohull vessel, which boasts 12 berths and a range of high-end features, required a range of very elaborate custom works.


Wicked Fabrication principal Mark Price explains the Hunter project. “We were commissioned by Motor Yacht Marine to perform a range of fabrication and engineering tasks to Hunter as part of its 2016 refurbishment. These included a new spa plinth and surrounds, the installation of the latest hydraulic swim platform and fabrication of a new mast.” Marks also points out, “Our biggest challenge was the fabrication of the top awning, simple because of its sheer size, and the finished product looks amazing.”


The Wicked team also installed a lightening strike mast, tender chocks, life raft mounts, and hydraulic power packs.


Passionate about the work performed, Mark details, “This refurbishment in particular allowed us the opportunity to work closely with the staff from Motor Yacht Marine, and provide them with a range of our skills which combined all of our specialised trades.”


The skilled tradesmen at Wicked ensured that all of the custom fabricated works on the Hunter project were of the highest integrity and installed professionally. The team were also tasked with major works to the fuel and water tanks, as well as carrying out enhancements to the waste discharge system and undertaking marine engineering in the engine room. There were many other works carried out to the vessel, with even the smallest fabrication details, such as the installation of bull horn cleats, which were first studied, designed and fabricated to ensure the best possible outcome.


Wicked Fabrications and Engineering work in conjunction with other trades services in the GCCM, which were required, thus providing a seamless solution. Mark and his staff are very proud of their contribution to the Hunter refurbishment. “For our team, we enjoyed works on board the beautiful Hunter vessel, as our exhaustive work came to life as we were able to showcase our skills with customised stainless products right throughout the refurbishment.”


For information about engineering services for your next vessel project, contact Wicked Fabrications on (07) 5580 5355 and read about their list of services at


Editorial by Andy Kancachian

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