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Wireless Security for Boats

Wireless Security for Boats

Do you own a boat that is usually kept at a marina, on a mooring, or other location out of constant view? Being able to keep a tab on its exact whereabouts, its mechanical condition, and its secure status 24/7 from anywhere, can provide peace of mind.

Dokensip have the answer via a state-of-the-art alarm monitoring system which features wireless sensor technology.

In conjunction with a smartphone app or web support, Dokensip will constantly monitor the status of your boat, and instantly alert you of any possible security breaches or mechanical/electrical issues, via SMS, email and personal assistance. You can check any updated information about your boat via constant system monitoring. Installation of the system can be done in a DIY capacity or by a marine technician.

Dokensip can control up to 16 different sensors that can: monitor vessel position, battery voltage, and the presence of water in bilges; monitor for the presence of gas or smoke; movement detection inside your boat’s cabin; the condition of shore connected power; and, operate air conditioning units, lights and more.

All that needs to be supplied are 12 or 24 volts for the main unit. The rest of the sensors, like battery and bilge monitoring, are all wireless. It is a very easy install.

Users of the Dokensip system receive one year’s subscription for free. The ongoing cost for the following year is only around a dollar a day.

The alarm will alert a boat owner quickly if the vessel changes position due to theft or drifting on the anchor. The system also provides a detailed history of where the boat has travelled throughout the week or month.

The Dokensip app also provides up-to-date weather information for the region the boat is situated.

The basic Dokensip kit costs $1595 (incl.GST) and comes with the core unit, GPS and data antennae and four sensors – battery, bilge, shore power, movement. Up to 16 sensor modules can also be added at any time. 



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