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YYachts. Simply Set Sail

YYachts. Simply Set Sail

Michael Schmidt, founder and brains behind Y Yachts is well acclaimed within the global marine industry and has had a trusting relationship with Peter Hrones of Eyachts Australia, since the 90s.

Schmidt is truly changing the game with YYachts, making luxury carbon sailing Yachts ranging from 70 to 100ft which exceed all expectations and break the bounds of possibility. YYachts are made to perform and to be sailed short-handed. The exclusive use of carbon gives these vessels the upper hand when it comes to weight, combine this with large sail areas and you have a recipe for inspiring performance.

Hrones explains… “when building boats over 70ft it is remarkable when a company can keep the weight down in order to keep her sailing fast. However, Y Yachts achieve this feat easily. For example, the Y7 is under 30 tonnes where competitors are 40 to 50 tonnes or even more. This combined with the Y7’s 300 sqm of sail area is what makes this yacht so unbelievable and gives it the edge to be able to sail in light wind. And it’s a boat that’s easy to sail short-handed.

However, YYachts aren’t solely about getting places fast, they are also about the 5-star experience they provide during the journey, a space that you could imagine yourself living in. With volumes larger than others in their class and award-winning interiors, for us Downunder this could mean a European pickup and the opportunity to cruise all over the world in absolute comfort and luxury.

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Published in print April-June 2022