Our Publisher

Boat Gold Coast magazine is published by Competitive Brands Pty. Ltd, whose management team is composed of multi-award winning national and international technology brand developers and product marketers. They have represented some of the world’s biggest and most recognized brands such as Sharp, NEC, Casio, Epson, Hyundai and Motorola.

Their publishing experience began two decades ago producing a 200-page industry catalogue of some 5000 products available to more than 10,000 technology providers.

Based on the Gold Coast, Competitive Brands management has a passion for boating. They sail, cruising, dive and fish regularly, seeing first hand the action on the waterways.

The team believes it is of utmost importance that the source of information, about boating on the Gold Coast, should be local.

Competitive Brands director, Andy Kancachian says, “We really do deserve our own city wide Gold Coast-centric boating publication.”