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Advanced Skipper – Q&A with Howard Glenn

Advanced Skipper – Q&A with Howard Glenn


Howard Glenn is the Chief Executive Officer of the Boating Industry Association. Here he gives us a brief about Advanced Skipper.


BGC: Why is Advanced Skipper important in boating?

Howard Glenn (HG): I was responsible for boating safety in the NSW Government for many years before this job, and also chaired the Australian Recreational Boating Safety Committee. During my time in government, I saw the need for a refresher course for boaters wanting to brush-up on their knowledge. Most recreational boaters don’t go out boating often enough – not as often as driving a car, for example – so their knowledge and skills need to be refreshed. Surf life saving and first aiders all have refresher courses, and so should boaters. In the comfort of your own home and at your own pace, you can now take your time to brush up on what you knew, but also find out what additional knowledge could be helpful.


BGC: What are its advantages?

HG: Not only does the course improve boaters’ safety, it also increases their confidence, making the boating experience more enjoyable.

It is all practical stuff! The course offers expert tips, common courtesy and solutions to scenarios on the water to improve the boating experience.


BGC: What is the participation of various organisations?

HG: The Advanced Skipper course addresses the issues identified in government incident data. The key partners in development were boating safety authorities, boat licence educators and insurance companies.



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