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Avoid wildlife entanglements: Fish responsibly

Avoid wildlife entanglements: Fish responsibly

Fishers are being urged to attend to lines and ‘think before they throw’ unwanted gear.


Wild Bird Rescues Gold Coast founder and operator Rowley Goonan said, “Every year I catch and treat or hospitalise about 100 birds, mostly swans, pelicans, gulls, ducks and cormorants that have been hooked by Gold Coast fishers. These sorts of injuries are entirely avoidable.”

Gold Coast QBFP field officer Philippa Corbett said fishers should be in attendance of their fishing lines at all times. She advises to wrap lines into a tight ball and dispose of in a bin.

Local diver Ian Banks also spoke on the damage fishing lines cause, after photographing a green turtle entangled in more than 20 snagged lines in the Seaway. His post has been widely shared on social media network and prompted a clean-up of the popular Gold waterway.

To report injured birdlife, call RSPCA 1300 264 625. For more information on responsible fishing, visit or call 13 25 23.



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