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Bass for Beginner Kayakers

Bass for Beginner Kayakers

Kayak fishing is a great stress relief. The possibility of hooking a new personal best or species that I have not previously caught is a joyful and uplifting life experience. The kayak allows for easy access in a part of the world that is teaming with such a great variety of fish.

I kayak fish because it gives me the ability to sneak from snag to snag silently, while moving in very tight in shallow waters. Sitting so low on the water allows me to hear every surface strike close by.

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What to take. When you prepare to go fishing, take a dry storage tubs for wallet, phone and keys. Carry with you, as little tackle as possible (less is best). Most important to take with you are: a landing net and a basic first aid kit because having a fish flapping wildly in a kayak can result in a few bloody spikes.

Where to go. When you are looking for a kayak fishing location, go where power boats and weekend warriors cannot access. Join a local or online club to go with a more seasoned angler to learn as much as possible. Try fishing in freshwater lakes first where tide and swell will not affect you as much. Choose a spot that is easy access from your car.

How to catch bass. The bass species of fish can be caught all year round. If you are a beginner, the bass are a great fish to target with bait and lures. The bass can be found in dams, lakes, and upper reaches of rivers. Depending on your location, they can be caught using spinner baits, soft plastics with jig head spinners, a 1000 size reel, 8lb braid with a 10-15lb leader. And don’t forget your landing net!

The best strategy and technique to catch bass is to go out at first light. In fact, regardless of the species, it is always my favourite time to fish. The warmer months give you a greater chance to use top water lures for some very exciting strikes, especially from a kayak! Otherwise, soak some shrimp traps where you want to fish a week prior to going, and use live shrimp because the bass love them. I like to use a paternoster style rig and keeping the shrimp 30cm from the bottom. Once the shrimp dies, re-bait with a live one. The bass tend to leave the dead shrimp alone.

Trial and error is the key to success. Conduct your research before heading out by listening to local reports, and adjust your fishing trip plans to suit these conditions.

Which kayak? I have been kayak fishing for about 7 years. I use a Mantra Noa kayak. (However, I would love a 4m offshore kayak to be able to hit close reefs off the coast.)

If you do not have your own kayak yet, borrow one from a friend or rent one. Practice with it, ask questions, and note what you think you need for the type of fishing you plan to do.

If you save up a mere $50, you can buy a second hand kayak online. However, do not buy blindly without doing your research. Before you buy, decide on the style of fishing you want it for, and if possible, trial it first to experience first hand if it fits your needs. Be sure of what you want to use the kayak for before buying one. Different brands and styles can cater for different fishing styles.


By Chris Hughes



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