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Not all marine insurance was created equal…

The offering from Pantaenius Sail and Motor Yacht Insurance is different from the outset. It was designed to be. You can tell so by the way it is written. You’ll actually understand it for a start, because it is not written in legalese. Equally, it is a true marine policy in the first place, meaning it was written from the water up, not patched together from other types, such as automotive or machinery.

As an all-risk policy, it starts with just that. Everything is in, bar just a few exclusions that fit on the one page. You also get an agreed fixed value as standard on every policy. It is not a number that will be diluted down to reflect market conditions, and if it happens to be a total loss, you won’t even have deductions reducing the sum even further.

It will be yours to buy another boat, change direction completely, or do whatever. Totally your choice, and you’ll be dealing with the very same crewmember from Pantaenius the whole way through. Now some may say that is service, but it too is standard in each and every policy that gets written.

Depending on your boat you can also have new for old replacement and consequential damage from wear and tear, so check with Pantaenius if this is an option that suits you and your boating lifestyle. Another great benefit is capped depreciation on items like electronics, which means you are not left with nothing, should they be ten years old and are part of a claim. Also, 100% of the labour will be covered, so you start to see that this is a mariner’s policy and that’s why the company is manned by boaties.

They know construction, marinas, rigs, engines, structural engineering, sails and so on. Even filled the trophy cabinet. It is for this reason that they will walk you through the paperwork and as part of the due diligence, you will have to get surveys completed on things like moorings and rigs. The upside is best demonstrated by so few claims arising from storm activity, which Australia gets its fair share of, because owner and insurer are on the same page.

Also, because of their experience, they have a list of Surveyors, Shipwrights, Riggers, Mechanics, Engineers, Carpenters and all manner of nautical trades that is past extensive. Now because Pantaenius is a global family concern, that database of friendly assistance has you sorted all over the globe. Little wonder then that blue water cruisers flock to Pantaenius for their cover under the one policy worldwide. The team will ensure your safety remains paramount and get the right people on the job to deliver the correct outcome. Speedily.

In case you have not worked it out just yet, Pantaenius Australia stands for transparency, fairness, accuracy, safety and the desire to get the job done correctly the first time. Let’s just call that prior preparation and planning… Taking their passion and assisting you with yours is what it all really boils down to.

Other elements to separate the truly marine based policy are no limit to the cost of salvage, even if it exceeds the sum insured or does not actually succeed. You’ll have extensive coverage for things like breakdown, sinking, grounding, collision, flooding, and even for the vessel’s machinery and underwater equipment. Included are transport and storage via land or sea within your designated cruising area.

One term often buried away is Force Majeure, but here’s the thing. You are covered for natural disasters! For sure there is some detail in all of that, as too with raft of aspects relating to covering your liabilities, so don’t forget to enquire about these amazing additional, included benefits.

Seem to good to be true? Well globally, Pantaenius have over 90,000 vessels covered. Racing and cruising yachts, Sportsfishermen, Game Boats, Powerboats and Superyachts all have this one thing in common.

Pantaenius is literally the only true, worldwide yacht insurance provider, all under the one policy document. So when it comes to cruising the world, Pantaenius supports you with local knowledge in the same time zone 24/7, courtesy of its own employees here in Australia, as well as the USA and throughout Europe.

Operating in Australia since 2012, the local subsidiary grows every day due to its uniqueness in the marketplace. The ever-increasing contingent of global cruisers, especially in multihulls, were some of the first to adopt Pantaenius here. Soon after it was ocean racing boats and inshore sailors. More recently, all manner of powerboats, from long-range cruisers to Sportsfishermen have found the secret.

Over time the fast response and claim settlement times, along with the lack of deductions from the final payout has been quietly commented on at marinas around the country. Too much? Well this is what one client said after his horrific accident, “You know there is always a silver lining and thank God mine came in the form of the team at Pantaenius. They were just bloody brilliant!”

Now no one could know your boat as well as you do. Pantaenius will ensure you know it even better, with a policy designed to reflect your needs and boating lifestyle. Call +61 2 9936 1670 or go to and find out why all marine insurance is not equal. One is actually far superior.