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Editor’s Note

Editor’s Note

Time has flown indeed! Our third edition has made it! After one boat show, a boat expo, a boating industry conference, and a mayor setting sail to go to his office, Gold Coast boating has been getting a fair bit of attention.

The boat industry in the city has become a pillar of local manufacturing having reported increased domestic sales and export orders during and after Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show and the Gold Coast International Marine Expo. And now, in August the Gold Coast will play host to the 2015 UIM XCAT World Series power boat racing, where thousands of United Arab Emirates residents will converge to watch the three-day race festival that will also be televised for an international audience. With so much going on, there is never a dull moment, and the future for local boating looks bright.

One of our objectives in our little effort to print this magazine is to encourage locals to appreciate the Gold Coast waterways and the boating life—regardless of type or size of boat. Now that the warmer months are ahead, we provide articles that can enhance your boating experience. Of course, fishing is at the top of many boaties’ activities so we offer expert advice about how and what to catch and where to catch it. You can learn trailer maintenance tips and get up to speed on the latest must-have equipment and gadgets for added safety and pleasure. Or look into the thoughts and insights of four “big boat” owners, and consider some advice when buying one yourself. For some reminiscing, we share the story of the inception and history of the Sanctuary Cove Boat show, and the tale of the 21st century caravel, Notorious, both of which are quite fascinating. As boating only shows us the surface of the water, we provide a sneak peek into our underwater world while diving with a long-time local diver.

For new comers to the local boating community, we encourage you to go out there and enjoy the Gold Coast waterways with either a fun Jetski ride with friends, a weekend fishing cruise, or a short sailing course. And if the mayor can learn to be a boatie, then so can you. Our contributing writers will continue to shine light on the local boating industry and we hope to inspire more people to buy their own boats and share the fun with friends and family (and an Uber-passenger perhaps?).

One last note: When you have finished reading Boat Gold Coast magazine and before you set off for another boating adventure, we ask you to give your honest feedback about the subjects we have discussed, and you will go into the draw to win prizes.

Happy boating!



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