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Enjoy Hinze Dam with your canine friend

Enjoy Hinze Dam with your canine friend

Dog lovers can now include their beloved pets on trips to Hinze Dam on the Gold Coast.

Dogs on leashes are now permitted at Picnic Parkland and Pocket Park.

Seqwater Chief Executive Officer Peter Dennis said the decision to allow dogs at the dam had resulted from Seqwater’s landmark recreation review.

“Feedback received through the recreation review highlighted the community’s desire for people to bring their dogs to Hinze Dam,” Mr Dennis said.

“Dogs on leashes are now permitted permanently in these two parks, as well as on the pathway from Picnic Parkland to the upper car park. This will enable visitors to enjoy time outdoors with their canine friends.

“Dogs will not be allowed in all areas at Hinze Dam. The dam wall, Visitor Centre, Waterside Park and the trail network around the dam will remain off-limit to dogs.”

Mr Dennis said more than 2.6 million people visited Seqwater lakes in 2013-14.

“Allowing dogs at Hinze Dam will entice more visitors to this picturesque Gold Coast destination,” he said.

“Seqwater already permits dogs in our recreation areas at Haigh Park at Lake Moogerah, the day use area of Lake Maroon, the day use area of Atkinson Dam, Ewen Maddock Dam and at Lake Macdonald Park.”

Mr Dennis reminded dog owners to play it safe while at the dam and ensure they control their pets at all times to ensure public safety and an enjoyable visit for everyone.

“Dogs must be leashed and we ask pet owners to collected and dispose of any waste in the bins provided,” he said.

“It’s important to note that dogs are not permitted to enter the lake due to potential impacts on drinking water quality.

“Seqwater rangers patrol the recreation areas and will answer queries about Seqwater’s rules.”

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