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Nimbus Group AB manufactures premium leisure boats, with brands including Nimbus Boats, Paragon Yachts, Alukin, Bella, Flipper, Falcon, and Aquador – Scandinavia’s leading boat builders. Chapman Marine Group has been supplying a trio of these big-hitting international badges; Flipper – Sport Tops and Day Cruisers as well as Bella and Falcon – bow riders and centre consoles, since their introduction to Australia 6 years ago.

Flipper has been awarded “best in boating” in Europe and have been building leisure boats from their Finnish homeland for nearly 50 years, they are “the Nordic countries’ leading manufacturer of fiberglass motorboats”.

A testament to decades of Scandinavian craftsmanship, Flipper provides a spacious design combined with excellent manoeuvrability, modern construction techniques and European styling that provides just the right touches of character, to deliver full-blooded sports cruisers, equipped with all the modern conveniences. Whether you’re a seasoned boater or a first-time buyer, a Flipper boat promises an unparalleled boating experience.

Every Flipper boat has a unique Speed hull design that enables higher speeds and sporty driving experience under all conditions. The special double frame construction made with vacuum technology makes the hull extremely stiff – which contributes to excellent drivability and a quiet ride.

Flipper boats powered by Mercury Outboard engines are a winning team, and the key for excellent drivability. Handling is as easy as it gets, and the ergonomics are excellent. The Mercury engines provide the power and performance to match Flipper’s style and innovation.

The brand’s dedication to quality, performance, and style sets them apart, making them a popular choice for boating enthusiasts worldwide. The unique layout enables you to utilise your Flipper in various ways to have fun on the water. Socializing, entertaining, sunbathing, water sports, overnighting, or camping, no matter what you plan, your Flipper will deliver.

Having been the primary dealer of Flipper since their introduction in Australia, Chapman Marine Group ensures that each boat-buying experience is as seamless and personalised as possible having agents in each state across Australia to handle your maintenance and servicing requirements and any warranty should the need ever arise.

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Published in print April-June 2024