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Fisheries management review update

Fisheries management review update


A wide-ranging review of fisheries management in Queensland is being undertaken to delivery a better system for the state’s fishers.

The review aims to modernise and simplify our approach to the entire fisheries management system, cut red tape and maintain and improve environmental sustainability.

The review will cover aspects of commercial, recreational and traditional fishing, and aquaculture issues will be considered where appropriate. The focus will be on management systems rather than individual rules currently in place.

The review of Queensland’s fisheries management is moving ahead with independent consultant – MRAG Asia Pacific – appointed to lead the review and provide greater transparency.

MRAG’s has a well-known international reputation for marine resource management, and it’s review team includes a strong mix of respected fisheries scientists and managers who have extensive national and international fisheries experience in Australia, New Zealand, the Western Pacific and the United States.

A Ministerial Advisory Committee which will include a range of people external to the government who can represent the diverse fisheries interests in Queensland will also be appointed in the near future to support the consultant team.

The consultant team will soon commence meetings with industry and stakeholders and will offer opportunities for all interested parties to have input into the review. Opportunities will also be made available to the general public to provide feedback throughout the review.

All sectors of the fishery are encouraged to work with the process to maximise this opportunity to improve the way we manage our precious fishery resources.

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