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Gold Coast City Marina Leading the way for local marine industry

Gold Coast City Marina Leading the way for local marine industry

Since July 2014, the Gold Coast City Marina (GCCM) has seen many changes and improvements that have complemented the facility and its capabilities. Patrick Gay AM, and his son, Trenton, are the sole owners of the marina and have made substantial investments these past months, which will ensure that the GCCM remains at the forefront of long term sustainability in the marine industry.

dredging coomera river

Dredging the Coomera

The Gold Coast Marine Precinct represents an area of land 250 hectares in size. The precinct is zoned for marine industry, which safeguards the long term growth of the local marine industry for future years to come. The State Government undertook a large scale dredging program when the marine precinct was first established in the late 1990s. The dredging gave access to the precinct along a 40-metre-wide designated channel, dredged to a depth of 3.5 metres at LAT (lowest astronomical tide). This ongoing process strives to adhere to best practice environmental standards.

This channel is in effect the highway into the marine precinct. You can compare the significantcy of its access to that of the M1 highway. Imagine the impact and effects we would see if the highway was not maintained for road users. The Coomera River gazetted channel is no different. We have lumps and bumps in our river road that require maintenance!

The channels throughout the river system and Broadwater must be maintained to allow safe access for all vessels, not just those with deep draft. The dredging is essential to flood mitigation that protects the large residential and commercial investments along the river areas.

The previous state government pledges 30 million dollars towards ensuring that the dredging is undertaken. It is essential that this is expedited by the new government we now have in place.


Refit and Service of Superyachts

With foreign exchange rates now more favourable for international visitors, the GCCM has experienced a surge in the number of long-term major refits being carried out at the Superyacht refit factories. Given the vast array of recognised quality marine industry professionals based at GCCM, every facet of vessel owners needs, in terms of maintenance, can be catered for.

Overseas vessels have been arriving from the Americas and Mediterranean cruising areas. This is in addition to the local and interstate market. The GCCM boasts accredited surveyors, engineers and boat builders to Lloyd’s ship building standards, along with ISO certification. You will not find another example of quality marine industry clustering anywhere else like it in the world.

Gold Coast as Designated Australian Customs Port of Clearance

A key element to ensure the continued growth of the marine industry in South East Queensland is the need to establish the Gold Coast as a recognised and designated Australian Customs Port of Clearance.

At present, all foreign flagged vessels have to clear customs by entering the Port of Brisbane. The first impressions that international boat owners have of Australia is what they see when they arrive. Picture the view of Brisbane Port area, the mass of industry based there, cargo ships, aircraft directly overhead, flying in and out of the airport. Not the welcome that any seasoned sailor relishes.

In contrast, we have the Gold Coast Seaway entrance, with the stunning views of the Gold Coast Broadwater complete with the back drop of our Hinterland, what a fantastic welcome to Australia message that must be.

Thanks to the collaborative effort by industry stakeholders, the Australian Marine Export Group and our Local Council Economic Development department, take-up and traction is underway both at state and federal government levels. Hopefully, the Port of Clearance will be in place before the Commonwealth Games.

A Port of Clearance registration will provide a huge boost to the Gold Coast economy. We see it as an issue of overriding importance not only for GCCM but for the whole of the city’s marine industry. In addition, being designated as a Port of Clearance would make the city more boating-friendly and aid in attracting international tourists to the Gold Coast.

Steve Sammes gold coast city marina

International Marketing of Coomera Marine Precinct

Recently, GCCM has adopted a proactive international marketing campaign, which has seen the facility represented at international boat shows in many parts of the world. Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show was extremely well received by visitors to our stand. With export market assistance given by the Gold Coast City Council, GCCM representatives were joined at the show display stand by some of the business operators based at the facility. Other overseas venues where GCCM has been marketing its services and facilities include Singapore, Tahiti and New Zealand.

By Steve Sammes, GCCM General Manager



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