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Great Gadgets Review

Great Gadgets Review

Your fishing and boating adventure starts here, with a selection of leading gadgets and products to improve your time out on the water. Join the conversation on our social media channels and let us know about any of these products you’ve used. You can recommend a great gadget for us to review by contacting


South American pro anglers just slipped their best-kept secret and ever since we keep being smashed cast after cast. The original twitch bait “Biruta” and Soft “Laguninha” Prawns are now available in a great variety of sizes and exclusive colours with great stats on the semi- transluscents. Though weighted, these handcrafted Biruta twitch baits float (and rattle) as they are hollow but sink as you start twitching/walking the dog with them due to their clever shape and the weight under the head section making them ideal for rock and reef. The moment you think you are about to get snagged, release the tension and it floats avoiding snags and costly losses. The Laguninha are just as effective, and come in a variety of sizes and colours and are just a little tougher than the rest resulting in a longer lifespan affording you that big one as opposed to rebaiting and calming the frenzy. Snapper season is going to be epic this year. Contact Eduardo Henze down in Tweed to get in on it. They really work.



With an anchor for every size vessel—from kayaks, PWCs, tinnies, tenders or inflatables all up to 6.5 m in length, Cooper Anchors convincingly takes the prize every time as they are smaller, lighter and more affordable. Inflicting less damage to both your craft and the reef than any of its counterparts, they are made from nylon which will therefore also not rust, rot or corrode. By no means feather-paper weight either, these anchors bury themselves effortlessly in the sea bed and stay there even through wind and tide changes. The small area between the shank and the tip allows Cooper Anchors to change direction with less effort, especially during anchor retrieval. As the boat is pulled forward, over and above the anchor, the anchor rotates with the vertical pull and is easily retrieved. These blokes (the Coopers from Hervey Bay) have made dropping anchor (and more so retrieving it) an absolute pleasure. Check them out at



The name says it all. Packed in heavy-duty UV-proof bags, and with nitrogen flushing, the bait remains perfectly preserved for more than three years. When it’s time to fish, simply rehydrate the bait in fresh or salt water. This will happen in around six minutes (or as long as it takes to rig a rod) in the zip-lock packaging pouch, resulting in a bait with a desirable and slightly rubbery texture. No need to keep bait refrigerated or frozen; eskies and freezers are free for essentials. It lasts infinitely longer than fresh bait, three-plus years! Store it anywhere, throw a bag in the glovebox, briefcase or back pack or leave it on your boat. It is light weight, approximately 70% lighter than fresh bait, let alone a frozen block. This is by far the cleanest alternative with less mess and smell, and fish absolutely love it. Available in whole baby squid and squid pieces at BCF, Anaconda, Whitworths and We love it!



“It Bonks, It Scoops, It Cuts and Sharpens”

KOMBO Fishing Tool is a first 4-in-1 fishing multi-tool for fishing. Reduce the amount of gear you’re packing, this multi-tool works as a fish “bonker”, a scooper, and a sharpener, and hides a high-quality stainless steel fillet knife inside its plastic body, using a patent-pending locking mechanism to keep it from sliding out accidentally. The all in one easy-to-use tool also floats! Keeps your tackle box clutter-free. Made from a high grade plastic. Has a chef’s quality, stainless steel fillet knife. High visibility, tough construction! ($55)



Now available for Australia, FishHunter™ is the most advanced portable sonar and fish finder app for Android and iOS devices that communicates by Bluetooth. FishHunter also provides ease-of-use, rugged construction, portability, and comprehensive feature set. FishHunter™ SONAR communicates via Bluetooth, while floating in water sending detailed information back to an Android and iOS device with speed and precision. Using the most advanced mapping available to create GPS-based fishing spots, a catch functionality allowing for extensive log-book creation, including bait used, fish photos and catch size and species. Pre-trip planning tools ensure best moon forecast, and short and mid-term weather forecasts. A fish database identifies different species of fish, tips on best hiding places and bait to use. With social network capability and in-app photo comp.