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Great Products for Boating

Great Products for Boating

Your boating adventure starts here, with a selection of leading products to improve your time out on the water. Join the conversation on our social media channels and let us know about any of these products you’ve used. You can recommend a great product for us to review by contacting


diver propulsion gold coast


Scubajet is an e-bike for the water: the smallest, most versatile and lightweight alternative to existing diver propulsion systems, weighing just 3.3 kgs, including its dive adapter. Attach a Scubajet to just about any water sports item to turn it into a high performance gear. Your controls attach directly to the device you are using it on, whether for diving, snorkelling and swimming, paddle boarding, on a surf board or a kayak. It comes with a wireless remote to go on a paddle, or wrist mount, or for scuba diving. There is a hand-trigger control with a choice of three speeds. Scubajet will last up to 2 hours underwater at speeds up to 9kph, and above water for up to 4 hours at speeds of 16kph. For more information, contact Greg Shipton, Ph: 0418 408 200.


hatch cover gold coast


Oceansouth‘s unique design allows the Hatch Cover to stay in place when the hatch is opened, and remain firmly secured around the hatch when closed. The hatch covers are manufactured with 100% Dope-dyed polyester Atlas canvas Golden Range fabric to ensure excellent protection and to extend the life of your hatch. You can extend the life of your hatches by using easily fitted UV protected hatch covers. Each cover is fitted with a surround drawstring, Sure-Lock toggles, and made of breathable marine canvas reducing condensation build-up. Bosun’s Locker stock a large range of sizes to suit most hatch covers.


offshore race jacket gold coast


A truly waterproof, windproof and highly durable jacket, this race jacket is streamlined for racers. The MPX jacket is constructed of a 3-layer GORE-TEX® PRO laminate exclusive to MUSTO for the ultimate protection. A high, fleece-lined collar and fluorescent roll-away GORE-TEX® hood provide further barriers against the spray and wind. The bonded storm flap over the two-way zip ensures no water can penetrate, keeping you dry. Fluorescent print and photoluminescent reflectors that glow in the dark keep you visible even at night to keep you safe. The asymmetric sport design means you can perform at your peak and race in style. Now in stock at


sacra excel gold coast


The Sacra Excel is a new generation anchor without a roll bar. Allowing it to fit just about any anchor housing arrangement—pull pit and bow roller designs. The Excel is a certified Super High Holding Power anchor, it has a cast-filled ballast to ensure self righting, and it is a new design of 70 percent convex, 30 percent concave, part of this concave being the cutting edges. Excel is not a plough anchor (no plough sheers). In place of plough sheers is a single plain concave fluke, rather than plough the substrate. This new fluke arrangement is designed to compress, then directs the material-substrate over the rear of the Excel forcing itself deeper as more load is applied. The Excel range caters for boats from the smallest run-a-bout to large ocean going work boats, yachts and trawlers.


LKI life vest gold coast


The James Windsor Signature LKI Pro Model Life Vest has a CR-foam side-impact panel and an independent floatation pocket, made of super-stretch neoprene with canted floatation. LKI is a lifestyle brand inspired by wheels and water. A true Australian family-grown brand from Queensland, that promote, develop and embrace the culture and lifestyle that surrounds wheels and water, with a drive to create and innovate style and performance that is reflected in each product, so you can “Live Your Lifestyle”.



kovix alarmed trailer lock gold coast


The Kovix KVH-88 Alarmed Trailer Lock provides the ultimate security for your boat, jet ski, caravan, or tool trailer. The lock’s biggest feature is a loud 120db motion sensor alarm system that protects your vessel from theft. It is constructed from premium, high-grade 304-stainless steel and features waterproof electronics, which make it highly durable and long lasting. The Kovix lock fits most 50mm ball coupling and the AL-KO off-road coupling. On a standard 50mm ball coupling, the KVH88 can also be locked on while the trailer is attached to your vehicle. This makes it convenient to protect your boat while parked out the front of your house or your trailer, while you are out on the water. The Kovix KVH-88 is available from Road Tech Marine, Whitworths, and other dealers. For more information visit



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