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Honda Innovation: BF150

Honda Innovation: BF150


The BF150 sets a new standard in innovation. With smooth, stable idling, reduced fuel consumption and incredible top-end power, this engine really is in a league of its own.

Honda has been focused on four-stroke technology since introducing the first outboard engine of its kind over five decades ago. With an unrivalled team of R&D professionals re-defining the limits, legendary Formula 1 and motor racing pedigree enhancing your performance. It’s more four-stroke experience than anyone else on the water.

Innovations such as the VTEC™ system (optimising power and efficiency at all engine speeds) were born out of Honda F1 technology and are now available on several high horsepower Honda outboards. A challenging spirit and never-ending passion for racing fuels the development of technologies found in every Honda outboard.


Honda’s revolutionary BLAST™ technology provides strong hole shot performance, getting the hull on the plane quicker. This air/fuel ratio and ignition-timing technology boosts engine torque at low RPM under rapid acceleration conditions. It’s NMEA compatible, meaning all engine data including speed, fuel consumption, cruising distance, etc can be displayed on the GPS screen.

All Honda outboards from the BF40 to BF250 are NMEA2000 compliant, allowing simplified connectivity with NMEA2000 electronic equipment such as sonars/fish finders, chart plotters and other devices via CANbus network technology.

Honda’s proven ‘on demand’ belt-driven alternator reduces heat build-up and provides superior battery charging capability. 30amp at 1000RPM and 40amp+ above 2000RPM. The Automatic Idle Charge system meets increasing demand from onboard electronic equipment. If electrical demand increases at idle speed, the alternator automatically produces a higher output.

Honda’s renowned Programmed Fuel Injection is controlled by an advanced Engine Control Unit (ECU). Engine sensors precisely control the supply of fuel to the engine, providing easy starting, instantaneous throttle response and superior fuel economy. (BF40– BF250)

A powerful, compact 24-valve DOHC design creates more valve lift to pull in more air for increased horsepower. The low-maintenance design allows easy adjustment of the rocker arms. No multiple shims or trial-and-error adjusting needed.

Trolling Control is available from BF40 – BF150 & BF200-250 (DBW only). Available on selected Honda outboards, engine speed can be controlled in increments of 50RPM from idle speed to 1000RPM/1100RPM (model dependent). A switch required to activate this feature is available through your authorised Honda Marine dealer as an optional accessory. (BF40 – BF150)

All our dealers share the same level of commitment to the Honda brand as they do their relationships with customers. When it comes to sales, service, and parts, you can always rely on a Honda Marine specialist for knowledge and advice. Every Honda Marine outboard is supported by Honda’s extensive national dealer network and dedicated aftersales support team.


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