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Bright Future for Lumitec and Australian Marine Wholesale

Bright Future for Lumitec and Australian Marine Wholesale

The advent of LED lighting has sparked something of a revolution in the marine industry, signalling a bright and colourful future for boat owners who like to spend as much time as possible on the water.

At the forefront of this quantum leap forward in technology is the US manufacturer Lumitec Lighting, whose range is distributed exclusively throughout Australia by the experienced team of marine professionals at Australian Marine Wholesale.

Managing director Errol Cain says that Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights are much more modern in their design, use far less electricity and have a longer life span than traditional incandescent bulb lights, making them a very attractive option for both new boat owners and those refitting their vessels.

“With various wattages, they have a vast array of on-board applications spanning everything from underwater lights, utility, mood and courtesy lights to deck lights, flood lights and spreader lights,” he says.

Over 30 years in the marine industry, Errol has fitted evolving technology to thousands of vessels – from super yachts to sailing yachts, trawlers to trailer boats – and he has built up a wealth of knowledge and experience.

He says Lumitec, founded in 2007, is continuing to define the LED lighting landscape in terms of performance, reliability and quality.

“In 2016, Lumitec is adding an exciting new range of lighting options for boat owners,” says Errol. “The Seablaze SpectrumX underwater lights, for instance, offer nearly infinite colour output options and user-selectable modes, easy surface-mount, two-wire hookup and no external control boxes.

“The entire Spectrum range puts every colour of the rainbow right at your fingertips so boat owners can make their vessels really stand out in a marina and also breathe life into spectacular, private night-time aquariums.”

Errol says that with thousands of hours of maintenance-free use and low electrical current draw, Lumitec boat lights such as the full-colour Mirage Spectrum, Halo Spectrum and Orbit Spectrum are ideal for both interior and exterior overhead boat lighting.

“Lumitec’s class-leading flood lights and spreader lights also surpass all the competition,” he says. “These products are used on many of the finest boats and yachts in the world, and such is their reliability that they are also used by emergency services and the US Special Forces.

“The new Zephyr spreader light is equally well suited to lighting the foredeck of an elegant sloop or the cockpit of a luxurious sport yacht. Mounted on spreaders, spars, radar arches, towers and flybridges at a mounting height of 16 feet, this spreader light brightly illuminates an area nearly 24 feet in diameter with more than 1000 lumens.

“A lumen is standard unit of light as it is perceived by the human eye. Essentially, it will tell you how bright something is, unlike a watt, which is actually a measurement of energy consumption or output.

“Whether you are replacing an antiquated halogen light or installing a high-powered deck flood light, Lumitec’s LED lights yield thousands of hours of superior output in any weather conditions.”

Also new for 2016 are the Octane LED tower/spreader 1000-lumen lights for wakeboarding boats, offering style, refinement, meticulous design and amazing performance. “The appeal of this light starts long before it is even turned on, but when it’s on, it’s definitely on,” says Errol. “Its 1000 darkness-piercing lumens will get you to the party, and back, safely.”

The CapreraLT and CapriLT flood lights also each output 1000 lumens and have been rigorously tested for shock and vibration, water ingress, impact, weatherability, electromagnetic radiation and overall durability.

“In short, they offer exceptional value in extreme environment LED flood lighting,” says Errol. “And for applications where durability, reliability and performance are non-negotiable, Lumitec has designed the new 1000-lumen Diesel range which is proving its mettle on everything from swamp buggies to forklifts, to off-road vehicles.”

Customers with high expectations, from the world’s top custom yacht builders to the US Coast Guard, have relied on Lumitec’s Maxillume line of flood lights for nearly a decade.  New for 2016 is the Maxillume h60, with the tried and tested Lumitec dimmer control, packing more than 6000 lumens and boasting twice the output of previous models.

“For the roughest of seas and toughest of jobs, the Maxillume h120 outputs 12,000 lumens and is housed in a heavy duty aluminum casing – this light is also tested to withstand vibration and shock and is completely water sealed.”

Errol and the experienced Australian Marine Wholesale team help boat owners every day to navigate what can be a minefield of information to ensure they get exactly what they need, at the right price.

But the service goes much further than that.

“Before we recommend a product to our customers, we listen and learn how they use their boats so we can ensure they get exactly what they need without paying too much for something they may never even fully use, or perhaps recommend a better alternative,” says Errol.

“Quite often people who buy elsewhere come to us to help sort out issues with their equipment and it’s then that they see what really sets Australian Marine Wholesale apart – we not only source, supply, install and calibrate the most reliable accessories and equipment ourselves, we also educate our customers to ensure they enjoy the full features of their purchase, and this is a key at the core of our philosophy.”

The extensive suite of leading-brand products distributed through Australian Marine Wholesale testifies to these long-established links: Raymarine, Garmin, Iris Innovations, Icom, Simrad, Lumitec, Aqualuma, Fusion, Clarion, Mastervolt, and Blue Water Desalination, to name but a few.

“Our job at AMW is to ensure our customers receive great value from their investment and this is not something we take lightly,” says Errol.

For more information and a full product range, contact Australian Marine Wholesale.