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Marine Electronics-A Buyers Guide

Marine Electronics-A Buyers Guide

There is a crazy galaxy of technology out there. Year after year we see it growing exponentially, taking control of more and more aspects of our lives and 2015 is no different. In this galaxy of technology, you will find that there is a whole exciting world of marine electronics to explore, below is your map to the latest and greatest gizmos on offer. Bon voyage!


When it comes to features and ease of use, it is pretty hard to go past Lowrance’s huge range of touch screen fish finders and chart plotters, in particular their HDS 9 Gen 2. A 9-inch touch screen display with brilliant colour and vast brightness options allows you to have accurate control in a range of lighting conditions. Broadband Sounder™ and mapping software options allow you to easily track and follow bait or game fish wherever they may lead you, then it will take you back home again. This incredible little gadget also has GoFree Wireless capability if you have purchased the additional WIFI-1 module. This, combined with your compatible tablet or smartphone and the GoFree application, allows you to have wireless access to all the features and controls of the HDS 9 anywhere on deck.

All of these features and more can be yours for AUD$2,999.



The Raymarine E7 7” Hybrid Touch chart plotter is a no-nonsense, easy to use piece of equipment complete with all the features you need, without the ones you will never use. Running on Raymarine’s ‘Lighthouse II’ operating system that includes free updates every few months keeps you up to date with all the latest features and fixes without that extra cost. Like the Lowrance, the E7 includes wireless device connectivity for access anywhere on deck.

The stand-alone E7 is available for AUD$1,445. The one with ‘The Lot’ will set you back AUD$ 1,845, including optional fish-finder and Australian Navionics Gold Chart. 



The Fusion 750 series offers an easy to use interface, with connectivity to just about any media device you can think of. The UNI-Dock feature offers protection to your device from the harsh marine elements while the charging capabilities enable hours of entertainment. Compatible with Apple IOS, Windows or Android, USB and Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi streaming control systems combined with Pandora support, durable construction, multi-zone settings and many more features, the Fusion 750 series products provide you with an extensive range of control and reliability for all your entertainment needs.



The GME G-DEK system offers you everything you expect from any marine entertainment system, with the rugged marine durability that comes from GME. Features include quality music and video output compatible with almost any device you could think of—from Apple to basic USB input. For larger vessels, this system also includes a public address feature that allows you to broadcast voice announcements.

A no-nonsense system demands a no-nonsense price of AUD$329.



If you are embarking on quite a lot of night-based adventures in populated waters, then you are almost mad not to have one of these tricky little fellas on board. Raymarine’s hand-held range of thermal night vision scopes will not only help to protect yourself, your passengers and your vessel, but also anyone else out on the water. With basic, easy to use controls, incredibly durable construction, and crisp quality vision powered by FLIR technology, there is no longer any need to be afraid of the dark.

Let there be light for AUD$2,750.


marine safety 2.

This compact and reliable VHF marine radio includes all the standard marine frequency scanning features you could want, coupled with some more customizable frequency options. Programmable channel scanning, dual and triple watch ability with two ‘favourite’ channel memory slots, and instant emergency channel selector capability are just some of the many features of this great all-rounder.

Never be out of touch for AUD$249.


Compiled by Matt Jackson