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Murray Cod at Glenlyon Dam

Murray Cod at Glenlyon Dam

Glenlyon Dam is regarded as one of the best Murray cod fisheries and contains prized Murray cod, yellow perch as well as other freshwater fishes. This dam is suffering in the drought and although it is down to 4% capacity, it is still fishing well due to its nature as a deep dam. Even at this low level the basin is over 15 metres deep and much of the dam is 5 metres or deeper.

The Southern Brisbane Sportfishing Club (SBSFC) members went on their annual pilgrimage to the Glenlyon Dam near Stanthorpe. This is the signature event every year and will be one of the Queensland Sportfishers’ events beginning 2020. Many SBSFC members visit the dam four or more times each year for the challenge of catching an elusive metre-plus Murray cod the dam is famous for.

SBSFC President Ross says, “I must admit I was sceptical about fishing Glenlyon at a dam level of 4%. This, however, proved misconceived as it is a deep dam and was still very fishable at that level. The only real challenge was the temporary nature of the boat ramp installed and maintained by the tourist park.”

At the 4% level, the water surface itself was still up past the Limestone Caves. This is quite a reasonable size and comparable with many dams even when full. Much of it is over 5 metres deep. On the sounder, there are lots of structure under the water and a few trees breaking the surface.

One of the best things about the club are the discussions over a couple of drinks and dinner at night. In this case, around the BBQ campfire, the discussion led to using dark lures and trolling the deeper 5-metre contour with a nominal 5-metre diving crank lure. Many members had been using shallow lures and lighter colours. The catch rate for all members increased when this change was made.

Club member Brad had to return to work the next day so he was out on the water early with Martin. The day before had been good for them so they decided to repeat an early morning run towards the dam wall with Brad having bagged out on cod. The object of the day was catching some yellow belly.

The planned troll line passed a fully submerged tree that was marked on the GPS after they lost a lure on it the previous day. They headed out to deeper water to avoid the tree, but a boat crossing the dam to starboard with right of way pushed them closer to the submerged tree. As they passed Brad’s 5m purple FeralcattTM lure connected with a good fish. Brad was using 10lb line with a 20lb trace on a 2-5kg Daiwa Black Label v2 rod partnered with a Daiwa Steez SV TWTM reel and the fish was back in the tree. With such light gear the odds were in the fish’s favour, but Brad kept his cool and held the fish as the line rubbed the tree eventually extracting the cod. We saw the tail and then the fish came to the surface head-facing the boat and luckily straight into the net. Brad was ecstatic with his first metre-plus cod – a magnificent capture on light gear. The fish was eventually released.


About SBSFC – Founded in 1995 by a band of dedicated anglers, members of the club participate in a wide variety of fishing including lure casting and trolling, fly-fishing and bait-fishing.

Club members fish over a number of locations from Northern New South Wales for trout and Murray cod, to our northern estuaries and impoundments for barramundi and mangrove jacks. The club members regularly fish the estuaries and impoundments around Southeast Queensland. Members enjoy the company and conversation that follows a great day on the water. Importantly members regularly share their tips on tackle and techniques to improve the catch of all.

The club is involved in the fish tagging program administered by the Department of Primary Industries and is also affiliated with Queensland Sportfishers (Australian National Sportfishing Association – Queensland Branch) which promotes sensible conservation while enjoying the sport.

If SBSFC sounds like the club you are interested in joining, come along to one of the meetings and see for yourself. Check out the club website on www. or join the Facebook group Southern Brisbane Sportfishing Club. For further information, please contact Ross Williamson on 0407157870 or email



Published in the Jan-Mar 2020 edition.



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