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New Apps and Websites at Sea

New Apps and Websites at Sea

Technology has come a long way in recent years, and the boating community has its share of new apps and sites to make the boating experience easier, more informative and more exciting. We overview some of the most recent offerings that are worth checking out.


QLD Fishing

Created by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry and FREE at iStore. You can have instant access to Queensland’s fishing rules anytime and anywhere. The Queensland Recreational Fishing App provides up-to-date information on recreational fishing rules and regulations in Queensland, including size and possession limits, species identification, closed seasons, closed water and stocked impoundment maps, angler diary, and access to tide and weather information.

fishbrain 1


fishbrain 2


Available on iOS and Android, the free-to-use FishBrain app helps sport-fishing enthusiasts catch more (and bigger) fish by gathering and managing vast amounts of meteorological and user data, and allowing them to share fishing trips and catches with their peers. Users can also upgrade to a Premium Account for a small fee, which allows deeper insight and personal analysis that helps improve an angler’s performance. An example is the capability to suggest what bait is most effective in catching a particular type of fish in a specific area.




The highly controversial UberTaxi app now has a boat counterpart. UberBoat app allows you to request a boat within a certain area. Once accepted, the boat captain will call to confirm your location. With ferry rides and water taxis being so heavily restricted, and few and far between, the UberBoat app will allow you to explore most waterways when and where you want. The company is promising much faster and efficient boat transport services. UberBoat recently undertook a test run on Sydney Harbour and estimates that transport will come at a reasonable price.

twoater1  twoater2


Similar to Twitter, the Twoater app has several features that allow the boating community to freely update information. The free app is a social network specifically for boating activities, such as announcing possible dangers or recommended spectacular locations. The app also provides business services that are regularly updated, including fine dining or tourism. App users can take advantage of this information throughout their travels to ensure they are not missing out on local experiences. Twoater also offers safety features with SOS or PAN PAN signals that can be sent out in a time of emergency. Twoaters within your cruising zone will be updated about your circumstances and position.


Global fishing watch map

Global Fishing Watch

Global Fishing Watch is designed to empower governments, fishery managers, fishing industry and citizens, so that together they will work to bring back a healthy, bio-diverse and maximally productive ocean. The platform works by analysing data points from the Automatic Identification System (AIS) network. AIS, basically a GPS broadcast of a ship’s location, was primarily designed as a safety mechanism to avoid collisions at sea. However, information about the vessel’s behaviour can be derived by analysing the identity, speed and direction of broadcasting vessels. Global Fishing Watch removes all the cargo ships and other non-fishing vessel activity, providing an unprecedented view of human interaction with the ocean. (


Compiled by Andy Kancachian and Byron Hoskins