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Big Sky Innovations, renowned globally for their Inflatable Pontoons, has expanded their range of platforms for boaties to caravanners.

The company was established in 2013 by Gavin and Lydia Skinner – a nature-loving couple from Gold Coast. It all started when this duo got tired of the unavoidable annoyances familiar to all boaties when parking their vessel in shallow waters; often having to walk through muddy waters to get onboard. This led to damaged hulls, dirty interiors, and the tiring task of Gavin having to carry Lydia, followed by their friends and kids on and off their boat!

“We’re problem solvers,” the couple explains. “So, when as boaties we looked for a portable pontoon that could be used as a walkway from shore to water and couldn’t find one, we decided to create one ourselves.”

The couple spent years in research and development before launching their first docking station in 2013. Made from PVC horsehair material, it was sturdy, easy to install, and took just 3 minutes to inflate and assemble.

They took their pontoon out to the lakes, and it was an instant hit. “We had massive interest from other boaties just from using it, and everything grew from there,” they say. With Lydia doing the marketing and Gavin designing, BSI took off. Demand increased, and soon their range expanded from docking stations and deck extender to pools.

Most recently, a spontaneous caravan trip with their dogs led them to a shocking discovery. “We couldn’t believe the number of people travelling with dogs, but most of all, the struggle to contain their furbabies onsite using heavy metal fencing. We instantly knew we could help with our expertise.”

This led to the InflataFENCE® – a world’s first modular inflatable fence, featuring the same marine-grade materials as their pontoons that inflates to be hard as timber, yet lightweight for portability.

“Like our pontoons, the response has been incredible. Caravanners love the durability and ease of the InflataFENCE®,” they say.

This company’s unwavering commitment to design, quality, coupled with exceptional customer care has earnt them a place as global market leaders in their craft. They are also the chosen suppliers in customised inflatables for marine research, aviation, sporting associations and SES.

They quote, “our passion is to keep creating innovative solutions that will keep things simple for you, so that you can just enjoy life on the water & in the outdoors.”

Published in print April-June 2024