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SURTEES 610 GAME FISHER – for fishing in all types of conditions

SURTEES 610 GAME FISHER – for fishing in all types of conditions


The 610 Game Fisher is part of the premium Surtees Game Fisher line-up. These fishing boats offer protection for fishing in all types of weather, plenty of room for family fun and overnight adventures! A classic Surtees look about it, the 610 Game Fisher can keep up with some of the larger boats in the range, while being easily towable. It’s a fantastic family boat and an offshore fishing weapon. It delivers the perfect balance of comforts and fishing space and comes with all the essential Surtees SiQ™ technology and features.

This Surtees Model sits right in the middle of the range, giving you the best of both worlds. A large spacious deck that’s perfect for casting off, while having a nook in the bow for resting up. In the cabin there’s also a large access hatch for the anchor well. Plenty of storage for personal possessions too, as there are large side pockets. This can all be closed up for privacy thanks to a zip-up curtain. With two seats at the helm, an additional pull-down seat in the rear, optional seating on the Icey-Tek esky and plenty of handrails, it’s easy to transport up to 6 people aboard. You’ll be cruising in comfort and fishing like a pro!

The Surtees 610 Game Fisher comes standard with a Yamaha F150XB at Northside Marine, more than enough power for a boat this size, with a top speed of approximately 40 knots. It’ll also come equipped with a Garmin EchoMap Ultra 125sv and the appropriate trailer. The Quik-Hitch™ trailer catch is a unique feature to Surtees, allowing for solo fishing trips to be all the easier. SeaDek flooring is an option for Surtees models and makes standing barefoot on the deck all the more comfortable.

Surtees is proud to have 7 points that make up The Surtees Difference; a combination of using the latest technology, brilliant design and experienced manufacturers make Surtees boats stand out from the rest. All Surtees boats have a 10-year hull warranty – no matter where you take them. Thanks to ballast tanks that fill when a Surtees is at rest, they have outstanding stability. And in rough conditions, these tanks can remain filled while underway for a smooth ride. Airtight welded chambers provide extreme buoyancy and are virtually impenetrable, so you’ll have one of the safest boats on the market! These are just a few of the points that make up the Surtees IQ. At Surtees they’ve gone above and beyond with design and innovation.

Surtees Boats are currently selling out worldwide, in fact, due to their insane popularity they can sell out well before we even have them in stock! Northside Marine currently has a Surtees 610 Game Fisher on display, but as these boats are in high demand, it won’t be here for long. Make sure you register your interest and request a viewing or water test of this in-demand model.

Feel free to have a chat and discuss your interest in Surtees with our expert,

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Published in print October-December 2021

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