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Poly Flex Marine Products: Advanced Technology

Poly Flex Marine Products: Advanced Technology

by October 10, 2019

Poly Flex Australia is a market leader in Polymer Technology in marine and industrial vibration isolation systems. The Poly Flex Group Pty Ltd manufactures an increasing range of anti-vibration engine mounting systems and shaft couplings
for the marine, agricultural, mining and power generation industries.

Beginning in 1981, Poly Flex has grown to be the preferred industry standard around the globe for high quality anti-vibration and isolation products. Manufactured in Australia and exported across the world, Poly Flex continues to increase their range of high quality products for the marine and other industries. The extensive range includes anti-vibration mounting systems, marine shaft couplings, rudder bearings, hull to deck joining systems, and CNC machined steel half couplings, along with an increasing range of customised polymer mouldings.

In the last few decades, engines have dramatically changed becoming more powerful while reducing the overall engine mass. Along with changes to boat construction and materials, the vibration isolation needs of the customers have changed along with it. Poly Flex continually strives to remain up to date with innovative products to deal with the new designs and models of engines, generators, gearboxes and vessels.

Poly Flex has been developing a range of damper plates to fit between the engine and gearbox to reduce the engine vibration from going into the gearbox, and also to produce a unit that can be rebuilt after damage to the elastic element, without throwing out the whole assembly. After extensive testing, the damper plates are beginning to be rolled out to the industry with hugely positive results.

The team at Poly Flex have the capacity to design and manufacture products to solve many problems all to the same Poly Flex high standard of practice. Moulded from engineering grade, heat cured polymer alloys which are long lasting, resistant to oil and fuel, all Poly Flex products are manufactured to the highest standard with performance and quality as their main objectives.

With a growing worldwide distribution system, Poly Flex can quickly service customers’ needs with well-informed local people dealing direct with their customer base and still have the manufacturers backing fof the product. With established agents in the US, UK, Asia, South America, Canada, Middle East, New Zealand and Europe, Poly Flex can handle most product requirements quickly and efficiently. Local companies and distributors are able to service the needs of their customers with the full backing of Poly Flex.

Poly Flex and their distributors can be seen at many international level trade shows as well as numerous local shows throughout Australia and overseas. They pride themselves on taking the time to discuss with their customer exactly what they want and the supply them the best possible product to achieve this.

For technical information, product specifications and advice, you can contact the distribution agents in your area or Poly Flex direct via the website, email or phone. Poly Flex offers a quick response to your enquiry anywhere in the world.

Poly Flex Products “Better By Design”

Visit our web site or contact our sales staff, agents or distributors for prompt and professional service. In regions not having a direct Poly Flex distributor, we welcome enquiries from established distributors with an interest in marketing our premium range of products.




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