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Queensland’s best Angler

Queensland’s best Angler

Ever wanted to enter a fishing competition but didn’t have the time to be there on the day? Matt Palmer, an enterprising fishing advocate, and major sponsor Mercury Marine invite you to join Queensland’s Best Angler Competition 2015.

It is Australia’s first and only online fishing tournament where real cash is won every month. Competitive fishing where you want and when you want! The registration fee for a spot on the team is only $20 or $55 including the official QBA shirt.

Matt explains, “We realise Australia has many skilled anglers, and we are in search of Queensland’s best all-round fishers and those just looking to have some fun fishing.”

The competition was established in 2011 and runs per calendar year, 1st January to 31st December. There are special cash awards and equipment prizes every month. The annual prizes of $2500 (1st place), $1000 (2nd place) and $500 3rd place) are awarded to Queensland’s Best all-round anglers. The 2014 season was the biggest in Queensland’s Best Angler short history, with over 700 registered competitors.

“No matter which part of Queensland you live, there are target species in your area. These include barramundi, bream, flathead, trevally, estuary cod, mangrove jack, threadfin salmon, freshwater cod, golden perch, sooty grunter, bass, and Saratoga blue salmon,” specifies Matt, who has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Fisheries.

Matt clarifies, “Some fish catch sizes are capped because fish such as gold spot cod and mangrove jack grow to massive sizes on our reefs, and we don’t want to disadvantage those who don’t have the means to target these fish in reef areas. Flathead is also capped to its maximum legal length for the species.”

Queensland’s Best Angler is a non-profit initiative to get you involved in fishing for species you may not already be experienced in catching, and win some cash and prizes along the way.

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2014 Queensland’s Best Angler Results

Braith Young with Flathead

1st – Braith Young 732 points – $2500 CASH

Zayne Young with Bass

2nd – Zayne Young 695 points – $1000 CASH

Justin Lochler with Bream

3rd –  Justin Lochler 672 points – $500 CASH


Editorial by Andy Kancachian