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The newest series in the Stabicraft lineup – the 1450 range. This includes the Explorer, Frontier Sportfish and Frontier Profish. Stabicraft was founded on rigid aluminium pontoons through a compact sized, tiller steer vessel. The 3.5m – 4.5m size range has been with Stabicraft since its inception and we have customers to this day still using these early models, such is their versatility. The 1450 Series is an important step in the small Stabi evolution.


What makes these compact vessels so widely accepted? The feeling of safety, easy manoeuvrability and affordability are features all found on previous Stabicraft models in this class. The 1450 Series acknowledges these aspects in addition to features never seen before on a 4.5m vessel, making the 1450 Series the best compact Stabi we have ever produced.

Developing the new 1450 series involved taking on one of the most successful and versatile boats in Stabicraft’s history – the 1410. Not only has the widely accepted 1410 been a proven model across the globe, it is a size class that Stabicraft have been innovating in since 1987. The ‘Ally duck’ was the very first Stabicraft model ever produced. This legendary model revolutionised the safety of small diving boats, and was the foundation of the ‘Adventure with Confidence’ mantra.

Paul Adams, Stabicraft founder says; “If you just keep building something because you’ve always done it that way, then chances are it could be done better. We want to be the best. You have to watch how people use the boat and find things that could be done better, smarter, and safer. This new 1450 model is going to redefine the compact boat market”.

The 1450 project has been about understanding how people use boats this size, pushing them to the limits, and hen packaging it into 4.5 metres. It goes without saying the 1450 has some big shoes to fill, but this new model is the best compact boat we have ever produced, hands down.

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