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Rod Twitchin — the man with quite the resumé — has spent 13 years at sea, started as an engineer, then master, became an accredited surveyor, and is now the owner and operator of RTM located at The Boat Works which was established in 2011.

For RTM, the client never stops being the client. Even when the work is done and the boat leaves the yard, the client knows they can ring up Rod to say, “Hey, I’m headed out for the weekend. What’s the tide or weather like?”

Rod, with a big smile on his face, tells this story: A few years ago, they worked on an international client sailing catamaran that they turned into a fast motor cruiser. They then had the boat delivered to Hamilton Island where Rod and his wife, Renee (who is part of the RTM team), flew up to make some final touches. The clients had not seen the boat after the refit. When they flew over from NZ to Hamilton Island, Rod and Renee were there waiting for them at the airport with a bottle of champagne.

“It was so lovely. Anything we can do for the client to make them enjoy their experience; we will do. That’s customer service!” says Rod, who encourages his staff to form a relationship with the client. He truly believes in the idea of empowering individuals. Rod believes, this is such an important component in a business: trusting your staff with the clients — this is what creates a healthy, motivating work atmosphere.

Not only has Rod spent over half of his life on boats, most of his team within the refit division are all boaties. When they are repairing something, they understand the rigors of a boat and how they work on the ocean. “No matter how big or small these projects, we treat every job with the same level of professionalism,” Rod explains. Another really cool part of RTM is that Rod has no problem traveling overseas or locally to survey a boat. One time, he went to China for one day! He was signed up to sign off on the machinery and ancillary system installation on a new build but once he got there, it was quite obvious that he was two months too early, so he turned around and got back on a plane headed home. And another year he went to Thailand four times in five weeks.

RTM continues to show diversity in their project ability, with the recent completion of a 10-week project aboard the 135’ Superyacht “Batavia” with the old generator units being removed and two new generators installed, coupled with various engineering and shipwright works.

At the same time RTM are conducting a full refit to a 57’ luxury sailing yacht that had suffered extensive damage due to fire, and are constantly conducting repairs to smaller vessels for many Gold Coast locals, on vessels of any size or make.

RTM’s team consists of engineers, shipwrights and painters, Kaye in the office overseeing all things administration and Renee assisting in project coordination with client, trade and supplier liaisons, while Rod keeps busy assisting his team and conducting the professional services offered by RTM.

The company’s broad range of qualifications, expertise and services make them the business to call if you want everything conducted under one roof. Rod really enjoys assisting local boaties as this typically forms a relationship that offers years of friendships and allows RTM to assist clients in so many ways, even if it’s just a phone call to discuss the weekend weather, tides or best place to anchor – or something more complex like voyage planning – RTM is there to pass on their many years of experience at sea.

Their professional services include: pre purchase & insurance surveying, consultation, project management, vessel valuations, refits, maintenance, and so much more. RTM is also a great resource if you are looking to buy a boat and need a survey done. They will give you a list of defects, if any, and if you choose to buy the boat, they can help with any repairs in-house.

“I absolutely love what I do! I know that sounds corny, but I’ve been in the industry around 38 years and I wouldn’t change a thing.” shares Rod.

RTM’s highly experienced team of trades people provide expert refits and maintenance on both big and small local boats, as well as international arrivals. Ph: (07) 5556 – 0035





Published in print July-September 2022

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