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The past year was rather difficult due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic. But the marine business is actually rising, and the demands from all around the world have been increasing more than ever. However, it seems that, as a marine leading manufacturer, we have attracted not only customers, but also counterfeiters.

Recently, we found out there have been incidents of misleading packaging made by others purposefully. What’s even worse than that, is putting propellers that are NOT made by SOLAS inside authentic SOLAS colour boxes. This is prohibited and we severely condemn such behaviour.

SOLAS: Safe Buying

With our outstanding team, products that are made by SOLAS, from package to propeller itself, as well as performance, are all extraordinary. On the contrary, counterfeit SOLAS products, without doubt, do not provide the same experience that makes SOLAS stand out from others. The most important of all, buying SOLAS products from our official distributors will be the safest way to get the authentic SOLAS products and avoid any further unnecessary problems.

Spotting Fakes

Here are some tips to spot fakes as well as avoid unpleasant buying and using experiences caused by counterfeit products.

-Make sure there are SOLAS & RUBEX logos on both the package and the product itself.

-Be very aware if the price of the goods is too good to be true as you get what you pay for.

-The wrap may look loose or used as well as suspicious packaging, such as faded, damaged packaging or labelling, strange marking, are all sure signs of counterfeits.

If you’re suspicious that a product that you buy is not authentic, please don’t hesitate to contact our official distributors right away!

Introduction of SOLAS 2021 New Items

■ #5111-093-13

A series Aluminum propeller for Tohatsu engine 9.9~20 Horsepower / 2-1/2” Gearcase (14 Tooth SPLINE & THRU HUB EXHAUST)

■ New RUBEX A / B series 6~20 horsepower (Thru Hub Exhaust) 2-1/2” Gearcase / 9.9~35 horsepower [Thru Hub Exhaust] 3” Gearcase) SOLAS Interchangeable Hub propeller (RUBEX System) is now available in A/B series for small horsepower.

■ HR3 D+ in bigger diameter now also available in RUBEX system (Thru Hub Exhaust) 4-1/4” Gearcase

■ RUBEX 4E in LH (Aluminum 4 blade) for twin engine application, 15 and up horsepower (Thru Hub Exhaust) 4-3/4” Gearcase

■ Lower pitch in 15 for RUBEX L3 Plus for heavier loading & twin application, 115 and up horsepower (Thru Hub Exhaust) 4-3/4” Gearcase

Find SOLAS propellers at for eastern states and for Western Australia for more details. We ARE at your service!