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Sea Pen – The world market leader in water level dry-docking technology

Sea Pen – The world market leader in water level dry-docking technology

The Coomera Marine Precinct is home base to a remarkable local company that manufactures a unique dry-docking system for recreational and commercial vessels. The Sea Pen, available from DOCKPRO, is for boaties wanting to keep their boat moored in the water without the cost of antifouling the hull and the hassle of trying to maintain a boat that lives in water.

Historically, using antifouling has been the paradigm for reducing marine growth when mooring in the water. Antifouling, a chemical based paint, has proven costly and time consuming to apply and requires regular, sometimes twice yearly removal and re-application. For years, antifouling has been seen as a necessary evil but not any more, thanks to Sea Pen.

Sea Pen is a water level dry-docking system that suits any vessel 5-30 metres with any drive system and any hull configuration. Sea Pen works by isolating boats from the water, thanks to a unique waterproof skin, and then creating an airspace around the boat for ventilation, thanks to a patented mesh technology.

Dry-Docking your boat in a Sea Pen is a simple, four step process:

The Sea Pen lowers into the water – you simply drive your boat into the water space inside the Sea Pen.

The frame floats to the surface and, thanks to the Sea Pen’s unique waterproof skinn seals an isolated pool of water around your boat.

The Sea Pen’s powerful bilge system evacuates the isolated pool of water in the Sea Pen, allowing the Sea Pen to shrink-wrap around your boats hull and running gear. Sea Pen’s patented mesh system protects the waterproof lining from the sharp edges on props, trims tabs etc.

As the Sea Pen shrink-wraps around your boat, the patented rope mesh system creates an air space around the hull. This helps water to drain to the automatic bilge system and surrounds your boat in an air void, eliminating any growth on your boat.

Your boat is now dry-docked, floating on a layer of air at water level. You can walk around the Sea Pen to wash your boat down or attach covers and flush your motors with ease. It’s always safe to be on board your boat when it’s in the Sea Pen.

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Editorial by Andy Kancachian