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Sea Pen and FloatBricks keep your boat out of the water but ready to go

Sea Pen and FloatBricks keep your boat out of the water but ready to go

Are you sick of barnacles on your boat? And what if you never had to anti-foul again? Well, the reality is that you do not have to. The Sea Pen will keep your boat’s hull clean and barnacle-free! And there is a Sea Pen suitable for every type of vessel from 5m to 30m.

Local company Dockpro have become one of the success stories of the Gold Coast marine industry with its Sea Pen and FloatBricks product lines.

The Gold Coast is the ‘home of Sea Pen’ and the first production Sea Pens went on display at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show (SCIBS) in 2004, with the first sales going to local Gold Coast people. Although there have been many improvements along the way, the early-model Sea Pens are still in operation today, over 11 years later.

The Sea Pen is the world leader in water-level dry-docking technology and is a patented Australian-designed product that is also manufactured in the Gold Coast Marine Precinct at Coomera. Many Sea Pen clients are surprised and delighted to learn they are supporting a local manufacturing business.

The Sea Pen is very easy to use and many clients echo the sentiments of Kay from Mermaid Waters when she says, “The Sea Pen has been my/our saviour, from a boating relationship perspective as well as from the sheer ease of leaving the pontoon and returning to the pontoon in a very safe manner. I no longer need to hang off the side of the boat waiting to jump off to secure the boat with fenders and ropes.” No more frustration for Kay and her husband.

For those of you with smaller crafts, Dockpro have the FloatBricks modular docking system allowing owners of jet skis, tinnies and small to medium runabouts, offering the luxury of keeping their craft out of the water but ready to go at a moments notice. A High Density Polyethylene product line with above-industry standard UV stabilization, FloatBricks are built to last in the tough Australian environment.


With the Sea Pen for larger boats and the FloatBricks for small vessels, Dockpro have a solution for all your boating needs. For those who already have a Sea Pen, the Dockpro team can help with a service check-up or to relocate your Sea Pen if you are moving homes.

If you are ready to do less maintenance on your prized boat, then give Dockpro a call.

For more information visit Dockpro, or call the office on 5580 4465.


Editorial by Andy Kancachian

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