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Softwash – The Better Way

Softwash – The Better Way

Nick Hopkins of Excess Cleaning-Exterior Cleaning Services is singing to a different tune than most when it comes to house and property washing.


“We have gone away from the older method of pressure washing, which can do more harm than good in some cases. We now choose to ‘Softwash’ and we have been achieving unbelievable results in really fast turnaround times,” says Nick. “Softwashing is a process where we make a customised soap solution specific to each individual job. We apply the solution to the home exterior with a low-pressure application system and allow the product to gently do its thing. Within a few minutes, most surfaces have shown real improvement. Mud nests, cobwebs, bird and bat staining are broken down, and we then simply rinse off with water.”


The process is really good on mould and algae, whether it be on the walls, gutters or even the roof. It is disinfecting the home of organic growth and the impact on its immediate environment. The process is safe on delicate architectural products like Hebel, foam molding, painted timber, render, PVC and canvas, steel, Perspex and acrylics. In fact, because the cleaning solution is customised to suite the substrate and applied at low pressure, the applications are limitless.


Softwash has become very popular in the USA recently where homeowners have identified the benefits of having their home regularly washed, helping with curb appeal, insect and vermin control, and health issues associated with mould spore and respiratory ailments.


Nick explains, “Consider this. Often we will wash a devaluing motor vehicle once a month but we don’t take the same attitude to the one and often major appreciating asset in our family home. It seems a little silly. So, we recommend that the family home deserves a wash at least once a year.”


The benefits are that windows, screen, awnings, fascia, gutter, doors and patio covers get a freshen-up. Many clients comment on how well their homes breathe after cleaning, when window fly and security screens are free to allow air into the home.


“If you have pets around your home, then Softwash is a fabulous way to freshen and disinfect those areas they also consider home. We can even introduce a nice fragrance into the soap solution to assist with controlling those pet smells that aren’t so enjoyable,” Nick adds.


Nick shares, “We recently provided a full exterior clean to the Cairns Airport. Providing a service in a region that is faced with many environmental issues was a real challenge. Our spray and rinse process was perfect as we use very little water compared to traditional pressure washing or water blasting methods. What a fabulous project to be involved in. The client was really impressed with our site management. Juggling the demands of one of Australia’s busiest international and domestic airports. The results were amazing and we completed the job in 50% of the time allocated.”


Excess Cleaning take what they do very serious and all staff are accredited working at heights, EWP operators and carry full work cover and public liability insurances.


Excess Cleaning are Softwash Australia-accredited and provide exterior cleaning services to residential and commercial property owners and managers.


Nick and his business partner and wife, Kim, have just returned from the USA where they attended the industry’s largest trade show and conference to gain the most up-to-date knowledge. “Staying one step ahead of the pack and being able to offer that point of difference and real quality is what we are all about. I’m a real sharer by nature and love to help where I can. Some have trouble shutting me up once I get started, but it’s all from the right place. If people want advice or have a question, I just can’t help myself.”


If you would like advice or a free appraisal of your exterior home cleaning needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a no obligation quote.