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Most boat owners sadly assume that all small boats are dangerously tippy, so crew must sit down, stay in ‘your’ spot, and don’t rock the boat. But not anymore. Kapten Boat Collars have been drastically improving small boat safety for over 10 years, transforming tippy boats into rock-solid fishing platforms.

The Boat Collars are strategically fitted along the boat’s chine line, adding a reverse chine to the hull shape, which drastically improves overall handling and performance as well as increasing stability at rest and underway.

The Collar’s simple yet supremely functional design won the prestigious Gold Tick award from the panel of judges at the Good Design Awards Australia in 2019. The Collars can be professionally or DIY installed, and are posted all over Australia. They are custom made for each boat, so you’ll need to chat to the team who are based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Thousands of customers have left reviews on social media. Here’s a few:

“Best thing we did to ours. Kids feel heaps safer, it rides better in the slop, and I can take it further out with confidence. All four of us can stand on one side now and it barely tips.” Brendann Frank, 4.6m De Havilland forward steer

“In my 5.7m Clark, just totally gobsmacked! It’s unbelievable how much better the boat is with the Collar. Stability at rest is greatly improved; with two standing on the same side, it dips less than half what it did before. On the plane, you can walk around the deck with zero noticeable effect, whereas previously I had to tell passengers where to stand to keep boat level.” Paul Fish, 5.7m Clark centre console

“I couldn’t stand up in my 12ft tinny before the Collars. Now I castnet, stand up fighting fish, and can go offshore in light winds. My son is autistic and my father-in-law is in his 80s, and both can easily get on and off the boat now, where it wasn’t possible before.” Phillip Nguyen, 3.5m Quintrex Explorer

“If I didn’t have the Collar on my 3.5m, I could not take my 75-year-old dad fishing. He stepped into the boat and was 100% safe. Without the Collars, this was not possible.” Darren Anderson, 349 Stessco Bream

For jaw-dropping performance videos, general fitting info and more reviews, check out, or call the friendly team on (07) 5441 3636.