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Through the porthole

Through the porthole

A regular photo exhibition by Boat Gold Coast contributors that provide a snapshot of Gold Coast life on the water. You can submit your photos to with a detailed description of camera used, location, and some interesting facts.

Through the Porthole – February to April 2015 

Photographer: Taylor Smith

Water Skier: Dillon Bensted (Wakeboarding) with best dog Teejay

Camera, Lens & Equipment used: Nikon D7100 equipped with a Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 encased in an Aquatech Elite Housing and Pistol Trigger grip with the P-65 flat port.

Photograph Metadata & Background: 1/1600 sec, f/4, ISO-100, Manual Mode. In order to capture both the wakeboarder and the boat itself, I was submerged in the water just meters from the boat as it bellowed past. Doing so developed multiple layers of depth in the image as the viewer is drawn down the wakeboard tow-line from the skier to the boat itself. There were several times when the wakeboarder came within inches of me and my equipment, but without this proximity, such a dramatic shot would certainly not have been captured.

Photograph Location: This image was captured in the icy waters of Tumbulgum, in the western component of the Tweed River as it winds its way through the hinterland towards Mount Warning.

Photographer Experience: Self-taught and relatively recently interested in photography, I was first enthralled by the use of cameras to capture memories on a camping trip on the northern coast of New South Wales. Since then, the majority of my work has been landscape-based with a prominent focus on water-orientated sports and activities, from surfing right through to water-based modelling. The use of this unpredictable medium in photography allows for a spectrum of art that is not only unforeseen, but also unique in its photographic properties with respect to land-based imaging.

Photography is an essential component of my everyday life, as it ascertains both a sense of freedom and adventure while maintaining financial security through a challenging and time-consuming medical degree.

Editorial with Andy Kancachian