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Welcome to the Gold Coast boating community

Welcome to the Gold Coast boating community

by January 31, 2015

We hope our magazine inspires you to “get involved” in boating – whether it‘s spending more time on your vessel, or agreeing to a joyride on a friend’s boat through rivers and canals, or paddling along creeks and estuaries on your canoe – there is so much to do and see in our city of water.

The recreational boating industry is an important business sector of our city. They employ thousands of local people and develop unique technologies and high quality services to export to the world. Gold Coast manufactures the largest percentage of watercrafts made in Australia, and has one of the greatest number of recreational boat users in the country. So, we do have good reason to call ourselves a boating city!

Our contributors are from all walks of life. As they discover the Gold Coast boating lifestyle, they share with you their experiences so that you can learn more about the city’s waterways. Hopefully, this encourages you to utilise this world-class resource – an amazing 260km of navigable waterways within the city!

The government and private sectors are upgrading and expanding our waterfronts and infrastructure, while local agencies and interest groups are monitoring and improving marine life, water quality and safety. Our publication aims to document and share this amazing partnership for the sustainable development of our city. And it is our local marine industry support that makes this magazine’s goals possible.

Through the stories we share, you will have a better knowledge and awareness of your immediate environment, and about the role you can play in this thriving city – the industries, the waterways and the ecosystem.

Our team record the rise of the Gold Coast as one of the world’s great canal cities, alongside Venice in Italy, Amsterdam in the Netherlands, St. Petersburg in Russia, and Fort Lauderdale in the United States, and we want you to be part of it.

We are delighted to have you on board, so enjoy your journey through the pages of our Boat Gold Coast Magazine.

Andy Kancachian – Publisher