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WELL ANCHORED – Anchor Right

WELL ANCHORED – Anchor Right


Anchor Right Australia have been designing and developing new boat anchor concepts for over twenty-five years. Our Super SARCA was a world’s first, true multi-purpose anchor design. We know this because of our patent research. SARCA – meaning Sand And Reef Combination Anchor – is by far the most popular fishing boat anchor throughout Australia, and possibly New Zealand. Many boat builders now fit them as standard.

The Super SARCA has been servicing many types of boats – pleasure boats, live-aboard yachts, and commercial vessels up to 300 tonnes. The larger models up to 225kg are seen regularly on many of our very large trawlers and ferries in Australia and New Zealand.

Twelve years back, we designed the incredible SARCA Excel. Why? Simply because the roll bar on the Super SARCA was restrictive on some boats, so we have made the Excel fit just about any vessel type. Once again, due to Anchor Right’s experience of understanding anchor design and performance, the Excel fast became an anchor that created enormous interest and rave reviews on many forums and blogs say it is “the best anchor” they have used.

The Water Police requested that the Excels be fitted to their new large police boat in Tasmania. Their choice was based on their research of Anchor Right’s history of performance, testing, and type approval certification. The feedback from the general boaties was the sealer.

What has become a real surprise, for Anchor Right is our demountable alloy Excel model. It weighs half of the steel versions. We have seen an avalanche of interest and sales in the alloy version since we launched this model. Fast setting in multiple sea beds, exceptional holding power, easy to break down for storage, this lightweight storable anchor also makes a great option when racing a yacht, used as a ketch, or a second back-up anchor.

Customers are telling us that the performance between the steel model and the alloy is no different.

We know for a fact that the Alloy Excel puts out the same holding power as our galvanised steel model, which is type-approved as a Super High Holding Power anchor. We have carried out hundreds of hours of testing on the steel, stainless steel, and alloy Excel versions.

Anchor Right Australia now share in a very large part of anchoring systems in the market. We are not the cheapest, and certainly not the dearest, but are proudly Australian-made, using Australian steel. We lead the world in designing and producing new methods of anchor testing. Our success has been built on trust, quality and designs that work better.

We now have many challengers competing in new anchor designs, and this only helps to keep us sharp by leading the way.

Our biggest achievement is to know that we have gained the trust of many thousands of customers. We at Anchor Right Australia say a big thanks to all who have chosen our anchors over the many imports. This shows real support for an Australian-made product.