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By Peter O’Toole

Like most things that are underappreciated, nobody ever notices when a windscreen is doing what it should be. However, if there is something wrong, it quickly becomes noticeable and can impact the entire boating experience. As boat design evolves, so do windscreens and windows. The options are overwhelming: curved windscreens; sliding or hinged; custom hatches and windows; tinting or no tinting; green glass; and much more.

These days, windscreens can be made of different materials including acrylic, glass and polycarbonate. Acrylic windscreens are the most cost-effective. It’s the best all-rounder. It’s cost-effective, light, and durable. One of the most common – and important – questions about a windscreen or window is, when has it come to an end?’ The answer is, that it does depend on the damage.

Likewise, there is also no easy way to repair a seal that is worn or leaking – even if you would like there to be one. The only method is to disassemble the windscreen, clean all the old sealants off and start again, reassembling with new seals.

Blue Water Windscreens is dedicated to repair and replacement of boat windscreens, and getting the job done right. Fabricating with more than 20 years of experience, they will assist from concept to completion, replacing the old parts from your boat for a new modern look or the traditional appearance when your boat was first manufactured. They are most regularly called upon to install new windscreens on trailer boats. All moulds and formings are done in-house to give you the best quality at the lowest price. Highly experienced in everything windscreens, they are qualified to provide clear answers to your most difficult questions.


A Lagoon 42ft was presented to Blue Water Windscreens with an old existing windscreen that was weathered. The owner complained that it was clear glass which made it too bright inside the boat.

The team removed the 8mm thick windscreen by simply cutting the old seals out. They then prepared the surface, ready for the new windscreens. The installation of the new 10mm dark tint acrylic windscreen sections took approximately 3 hours. By using these dark windscreens they ensured a cooler temperature inside the boat, while eliminating the need for curtains. The darker tint cuts out a lot of the glare in direct sunlight. The only downside is that it will slightly reduce vision when looking through that windscreen in night light. The new windscreens also make the boat look newer and much sleeker.

The overall project was completed by two people in approximately three days of accumulated hours. While the replacement wasn’t particularly expensive, the new windscreens will increase the value of the boat as they are now a thicker, more durable material that has completely modernised the aesthetic look of the boat.

The most challenging aspect of this job was ensuring the angle of curves was correct, which is complicated further when using 10mm thick acrylic, so there is no room for error. All the new windows were manufactured in the Blue Water Windscreens Gold Coast factory, which then they transported to the boat for installation. Expertly designed, every window section had curves from front to back, and a fold running along the middle.

The customer was extremely happy with his new windscreens. They have modernised the look of his boat. The most enjoyable aspect of this job for the installation team, besides seeing the finished product and a smile on the customers face, was the location of the installation, with the boat moored on the beautiful Gold Coast canals.


You should regularly check your windscreen seals, by firstly undertaking a visual check. If there are no visible signs of wear or damage, pour water over the seals until you can see if any of the window seals are leaking. If they are leaking, a windscreen repairer can remove the old seals, prepare the surface and install new seals. The most commonly used windscreens for trailer boats are made of acrylic. As with most products, you get what you pay for most of the time, so understand the benefits of each windscreen product before deciding. The decision on what materials to use, also depends on the customer’s budget and how the boat is intended to be used.

The expert windscreen repairer can fit windscreens to most modern boats as well as giving new life to vintage boats. They utilise special machines and jigs, specifically designed for manufacturing boat windscreens. These include curved windscreens, flat windscreens and sliding windows, both custom designed and standard. They can also supply and fit hatches, both custom and standard, and various other marine products.

People often overlook windscreens. Boat owners need to look after the glass, seals and frames. All three are like every other component on the boat – they will only work as well as you look after them. It should be noted that boat windscreens receive a lot of damage when owners use harsh chemicals, which affects the screen and the seals. For long lasting windscreens, wash the windscreen with fresh water and a soft cloth such as flannelette of microfiber.

To book in for repairs, get a quote or ask for advice, call Blue Water Windscreens on (07) 3382 7883.

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