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From humble beginnings as a small family-owned boat business in 2006, Wyld About Boats has grown to become the largest speed boat and fishing rig warehouse in S.E. Queensland.

Wyld About Boats work with select manufacturers and distributors to offer a range of family and fishing boats, as well as boating equipment in-store and online. The 50,000 sq. ft. warehouse showroom has a range of new and used boats, an in-house service department, and a watersports shop.

The founder, Hayden Wyld, has 37 years of boat sales experience. With help from his father, Tom Wyld, who has been a marine industry leader for 50 years, the entire Wyld About Boats team are passionate boaters with an expert knowledge of trailer boats and boating products. This is why Wyld About Boats has gained a first-class reputation for customer service and marine excellence.


Wyld About Boats has one of the largest ranges of used and new vessels under the one roof, all serviced with warranty, and ready for immediate delivery. All serious buyers can take boats for a pre-arranged on-water test drive before purchasing.

For the active family who want to start their day catching fish and finish it with some exciting watersports, a fishand-ski boat lives up to its name. These boats have builtin conveniences fishing enthusiasts love, like rod holders, a trolling motor, and live wells, and can also provide some great performance when it comes to towing for watersports.

When buying a boat, it is important to consider many things before making a final decision – from the number of people you are going to have in the boat on a regular basis, the water conditions you are most likely to use the boat, the budget you have allotted, to the running, maintenance and storage costs.

The fish-and-ski boats, forward-steer runabouts are the perfect family boat, as they have the protection of the windscreen and foredeck, yet still have plenty of cockpit space to fish. Most are fitted with a removable rear lounge when the kids are not in the boat.

The bow rider is becoming the must-have all-round boat if you do more family boating, tubing or skiing, exploring or cruising with the odd fishing trip with mates. The drawback is it has an open bow and the rear cockpit is shorter than that in a runabout. If fishing is more your style, then choose the runabout.

When travelling inshore around Broadwater and Moreton Bay, your decision is a personal choice as most boats will perform well in smooth waters. But keep in mind that the weather can change at any time, so hull design, beam, depth and build construction then come into play.

If you are heading offshore, your decision requires more thought. The team at Wyld About Boats recommend a fibreglass cabin boat, which is popular in the southern parts of Australia, as they have more shelter from the elements. As a family boat, the cabin space is easily fitted with camper covers and clears, which are perfect for overnight stays out on the water. A well-designed fibreglass boat will outperform most aluminium boats when comparing ride, comfort, quietness and stability.

If you can afford it and intend to eventually pass it on to your children, you should buy a new boat so you can choose the brand and style you desire. A new boat will be covered by a warranty and there will be no hidden repair costs, or strandings at sea. Nevertheless, Wyld About Boats offer a range of used boats of different colour, motor brand and accessories, which have all been serviced and come with a used-boat warranty.



Wyld About Boats Warehouse

18 Demand Ave, Arundel Qld.

Ph: (07) 5563 2223



Published in print July-September 2021

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