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Yoga For Boaties – On The Boat

Yoga For Boaties – On The Boat

All people on a boat – whether the owner, crew or guest – are involved with the success of the day’s boating activities. It is important to have stability and coordination, balance, core strength, as there is a maximum range of motions, often in restricted spaces and in varying weather conditions.

Regular yoga practice helps in increasing sailing, boating and athletic abilities, and in improving endurance both on and off the water. For example, competitive sailing is very complex physically, mentally, mechanically and technically; physical fatigue will limit performance in complex areas. It can also help decrease and manage stress, bring heightened awareness, and help boaties connect with nature.

Yoga is more than the exercise; it is about connecting mind, body and breath, being aware and mindful. You know how good you feel when you stop and take three long deep and slow breaths.

Where it is best to practice depends on what you do, the weather, and how you feel. If you wish to sit quietly, focus on your breath to calm and centre yourself, then somewhere preferably out of the wind or too strong wind. For balance reasons and distractions, it should be somewhere stable, either the floor of the boat or chair/ bench seat, preferably not in full sun, but facing the water would be perfect.

The following are recommended poses that can be done while on the boat.







By Sandy Cuneo


About the instructor – Sandy Cuneo has been practicing for over 10 years. She is a qualified Hatha, Yin Yoga, and Restorative Yoga Levels 1 and 2 teacher. She has completed further training on the spinal anatomy, attended many trainings on breath work, meditation and relaxation. Her husband Bill Cuneo (the model in these series of photos) is a devoted yogi practicing for 8 years, acompetitive sailor and a recreational boatie.