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Lithium batteries offer boat owners a better solution than traditional AGM devices

Moving from traditional AGM batteries to lithium batteries presents huge benefits for boaters — weight and drag, greater speed, plus an increase in fuel efficiency, to name a few.

REDUCE WEIGHT – Lithium batteries can be up to a third of the weight of the equivalent lead-acid AGM battery. This is an important consideration for anybody who owns a boat. A 100Ah AGM deep-cycle battery can be up to 38kg in weight, whereas the same size lithium battery can be less than 12kg in weight! That means you can at least double or even triple the stored battery capacity on your vessel, or alternatively, use the reduction in battery weight to bring more passengers, or equipment on board. Reducing weight in a marine environment helps with increased fuel efficiency and performance on the water.

MORE POWER – Power (watts) is equal to voltage (volts) x current (amps). Therefore, you can get more power from a battery if it: 1) holds its voltage over the cycle, and 2) is able to discharge more current. Lithium batteries hold their voltage over the cycle, unlike lead-acid where the voltage drops off almost immediately (see graph). This means more power from the lithium battery over its cycle. Lead-acid deep-cycle batteries are limited in the current they can discharge, which limits the appliances they can run. Baintech High Power (HP) range of lithium batteries are capable of 200A continuous output,which is suitable for all household appliances, even aircon. Baintech introduces a new Standard Power (SP) range of lithium batteries in which the BMS can accommodate 100A continuous discharge and can peak at 200A.

LONGER LIFESPAN – Every time a battery is charged and discharged is called a cycle. Battery life is rated as the number of expected cycles at a particular depth of discharge. Typically, a lead-acid AGM battery will last for around 500 to 1000 cycles at 50% DoD. Anyone who has ever had a lead-acid deep-cycle knows it only generally lasts for 2-3 years before requiring a new one. Lithium batteries on the other hand are rated up to 5,000 cycles, and much more if used carefully, giving you several times the life expectancy of standard lead-acid deep-cycle batteries. Baintech Marine Batteries use lithium iron phosphate cells that last more than 5,000 cycles
at 50% DoD and 2,000 cycles at 80% DoD. This equates to +10 years of life expectancy compared to 2-3 years for a lead-acid AGM.

SAVE TIME, CHARGE FASTER – Everyone knows that to recharge a lead-acid battery takes time. We have all experienced putting a lead-acid battery
on charge overnight! Not to mention the number of charging stages required – bulk, absorb and float. Lithium batteries don’t require complex multi-stage charging. They have less internal resistance and so can accept a greater charge rate. They charge more efficiently, meaning more energy can be recovered from solar panels especially. As a result, lithium batteries charge faster than lead-acid. Example: A 25A AC charger will charge a 100Ah lithium battery faster than a 100Ah lead-acid AGM!

SAVE MONEY – When comparing, consider
total life-cycle cost. Consider the overall cost of ownership. People who are discouraged by the upfront cost of lithium batteries do not consider the total life-cycle cost. When considering the usable capacity and lifespan of lithium batteries, they work out cheaper than lead-acid in the long term. You might go through 3 or 4 lead-acid batteries within the same timeframe as a single lithium battery. When you add the cost and inconvenience of refitting new batteries every few years, the total cost of ownership over the long term is far better with lithium batteries.

BAINTECH MARINE – Baintech lithium batteries are available in a range of 12V, 24V, and 36V models. Cut the weight and cost of paralleling batteries and use one battery for all your boating and trolling motor requirements. Tailored for marine applications, Baintech lithium batteries are constructed using 316 stainless fittings, brass terminals, and robust powder-coated finishing. Engineered and locally manufactured in Brisbane, Baintech marine batteries have a 5-year warranty, designed using the latest lithium iron phosphate prismatic cells of the highest quality. Save weight and boost performance by switching to lithium.

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