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Great Products for Boating #19

Great Products for Boating #19

OLD SKIPPER – #sealovers

Old Skipper is a well-known European brand that creates unique beautiful handmade bracelets out of best quality marine rope, Italian leather and stainless-steel closures. Their collection is inspired by sailors, travellers and people who love the ocean. The Nautical Rope Bracelets are the core of Old Skipper, being the first product that captured the adventurous spirit of the brand. Working with a local jewellery designer from Gold Coast, they can also create high end nautical jewellery to your preference, anything from stainless steel to diamonds and pearls, keeping the same high standard backed up by 2 years manufacturing warranty. Old Skipper also creates custom bracelets for marketing purposes that build brand awareness, create a professional image and leave a lasting impression with clients and employees. Old Skipper is looking for partners to help introduce the brand in Australia and New Zealand while adding extra revenue to their businesses. Get in touch with the friendly Old Skipper team at



Coastal Vintage is captained by Sally Oulton who has turned her love for the high seas into a global treasure hunt, bringing you a rare collection of hand- picked coastal and nautical merchantry sourced locally and across the 7-seas. “We source one-of- a-kind vintage items that are awash with myths and tales of the sea – that’s why we declare our products ‘The Stuff of Legend.’ Our authentic collection is the only and best curation in Australia, and from our base in Noosa we ship all over the globe. We’re also known to keep a weather-eye open for specific treasures our customers covet, so feel free to get in touch. We may just have it or can try and find it for you!” Noosa Warehouse, Shop 7/41 Gateway Drive, Noosaville QLD.



Once upon a board, Red Paddle Co co-founder, John Hibbard, realised there might be a better way of doing things. It was 2008 and paddleboarding was just getting going. As he paddled along on a heavy composite SUP, he had this crazy idea that it could be made better with an inflatable board. Fast forward 11 years and for over a decade Red have been the industry leaders in design and construction, producing inflatable stand up paddleboards of the highest quality, giving the rider an authentic paddleboarding experience. Red Paddle Co’s award-winning designs and patented technologies are just a few examples of why Red boards stand out. Their compact, stow-away size, extensive range of boards and easy inflation make them the perfect boating companion. Whether you have never been on a SUP or looking to win a race series, there is a Red Paddle Co inflatable SUP board for you.


An ecologically sustainable resilient flooring made to handle the toughest Australian climatic conditions. From cyclone areas of north Queensland, to the Australian Alps, AquaDeck is a tough anti slip flooring impervious to salt water and resistant to grease, fuel and common oils. Made from a combination of cork and nitrile rubber, AquaDeck offers a hard-wearing diamond or round shaped raised surface that has proven itself wherever a tough, safe, anti-slip surface is required. AquaDeck is particularly suited to the marine industry, ramps and any other access areas that may be subject to wet conditions. Wet and slippery surfaces pose a real hazard to the boating enthusiast. Installing AquaDeck on exterior wet areas helps keep you and your family safe. For over 30 years Comcork Aquadeck has been providing superior grip. Comcork AquaDeck is an Australian-made product. Sheetsize1800x900mm



(Published in the Oct-Dec 2019 edition)