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TURN IT ON AND RELAX – The advantage of the Mitsubishi Anti Roll Gyro (ARG) is in its convenience. Turn it on, when you step onboard, and turn it off when you leave. No maintenance, no on-going costs, just simple and effective reliability in stabilization, for the comfort of you and your guests.

PERFORMANCE AND RELIABILITY – Mitsubishi ARG’s outlast their closest competitor by 4-6 times the average lifespan and have, for over 20 years, continued to exceed the marine industry’s expectations. The strictest of standards in ARG’s Japanese manufacturing is evident in the quality found in the high-performance bearings, the fully shielded electronics and drive motor, and the flywheels that are made from the same steel as the Samurai Sword (Ultra High Carbon Steel). This provides for a trusted, unparalleled service life.

SIMPLE INSTALLATION – ARG installation can be completed within a week by your preferred shipwright and marine electrician. No through-hull fittings or sea-water cooling required. Just connect the electronic driver and bolt the gyro in place with the supplied heavy-duty hardware. In most cases there is no need to come out of the water. For your convenience, we offer full inhouse installation service solutions or assistance directly and in conjunction with our dealers across Australia.

TESTIMONIALS – “We installed an ARG175T in 2019 and we can’t speak highly enough about its performance, reliability and rugged build. Absolutely changed the boat for the better. Wouldn’t use or recommend any other brand of gyro” Matthew Chang, Owner of 43′ O’Brien Sportsfisher.

With new units being installed weekly across the country, we’ll put you in touch with a local customer willing to show you their ARG and discuss their own experience.

ONGOING INNOVATION – The Mitsubishi factory in Japan is at the forefront of innovation and relentless in quality control. Their continual development in increasing performance and reliability, ensures you purchase the most effective, simple, and user-friendly Gyro Stabilizer machinery offered in the world today.


  • Simple to install, simple to operate
  • No maintenance
  • Best warranty
  • Unmatched reliability
  • Simple to service in situ
  • Free from cooling pumps, hydraulic rams and vacuum chambers
  • No external moving parts
  • Flexibility with installation position

With more than 20 years of experience, ARG is the trusted leader in marine gyro stabilization, with time tested, dependable and proven design that is virtually maintenance free.

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