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Barz Optical Sunglass Co.

Barz Optical Sunglass Co.

Burleigh Heads Sunglass Company Barz Optical Exporting to 29 Countries World Wide

Barz Optics the Burleigh Heads sunglass company, produce a range of eyewear to assist in the protection of the eyes from glare, UV, wind, dust and salt spray.

Established in 1996 when Barz developed a sunglass / goggle ideal for jet skiing, sailboarding, kite surfing and surfing. The Arfa model was originally designed to inhibit the growth of Pterigium (a clear growth like a cataract caused by over exposure to the elements) in surfers and sailers.

Barz recent developments have included floating frames that have built in air cells so that they float in both salt and fresh water making them ideal for in and around water.

Barz currently export their products to 29 countries around the world and last November were nominated for a DAME Award at the marine industries premier industry trade show in Amsterdam.

The award was for Barz unique – Cabo floating frame fitted with a polycarbonate polarised photochromic bi focal reader lens. Barz were the first to introduce such a lens to the marine industry world-wide.




The lens features: Polycarbonate high impact for safety.

  • polarisation for protection from glare and UV.
  • Photochromic so the lens darkens to Cat 3 in full sun and lightens to Cat2 in low light conditions.
  • With or without bi focal readers in the base of the lens – for those who are a little optically challenged and for the convenience of not having to swap glasses to read or tie tackle.
  • The Cabo frames will float in salt or fresh water so the only place you will lose them is at the bar or when your mates knock them off.

Barz utilize seven different lens types in their range so prices start at $50 and go through to $300 plus.

Barz range is available throughout the Gold Coast at chandlery, kayak, SUP, Optical, Fishing, PWC stores as well as 11/4 Leda Drive Burleigh.



Editorial by Andy Kancachian

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