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Bush to Coast Expeditions

Bush to Coast Expeditions

Like any great Australian business idea, the concept for Bush to Coast Expeditions brewed over a few beers at a backyard BBQ one evening in 2016. Still salty after a successful day on the water, Fabio Valeri-Formosa

and Jordie Harris were discussing their ideal “lifestyle” business, whilst grilling the days’ catch. It didn’t take long to realise that, between them, they had a formidable skill set, and that starting a business together wasn’t just a good idea, it was a fantastic one.

Having previously worked together for another Gold Coast-based outdoor adventure company, it is their passion for the protection and preservation of our oceans, waterways and surrounding lands that really brought the two together on this project. They began building a bit of hype and gaining local attention with regularly organised beach and estuary clean ups that became so popular amongst the community, they quickly turned into fortnightly events. Promoting the protection of sea and wildlife as well the sustainability of our waters, it is the integrity of these values upheld throughout their tours, which has made them so uniquely popular.

From that original, adventure fuelled conversation, we can fast forward three years and the boys have finally launched their 2019 tour schedule. Hours upon hours of business plans, additional training, permit applications and fine-tuning have paid off, as the response so far has been outstanding.

Offering kayaking, fishing and walking tours on the beautiful South Stradbroke Island, participants can choose from full or half day tours, designed to keep even the advanced fisherman entertained. Starting with a lovely kayak trip through the Northern Gold Coast waterways, this is a family friendly day for both young and old, and beginners are most welcome. From there, the boys take you on a historical journey of the South Stradbroke Island region, educating participants through exploration, studying the flora and fauna, story sharing, collecting bait, and of course, fishing. They even lay out a tasty spread to fuel the days’ adventures and brew a sweet cup-o’-Joe to allow space for people to share stories of their own.

A wealth of knowledge beyond their years, these two Gold Coast locals have grown up fishing, surfing and boating these waters, exploring the lands by vehicle and foot, and have spent countless nights star gazing under this great southern sky, listening to the tales of their family, friends and the elders of the region. They are truly dedicated to the preservation of, not only this region, but that of this entire great earth. But, they believe, you have to start small, cleaning our own backyard before we tackle the big blue.

For eight years, Jordie worked with the crew at Balunjali Kayak Tours and also had the honour of being mentored by elders of the Bundjalung mob, based in the Northern Rivers. During these years, he developed a deep respect and understanding of the ways of those indigenous to these lands. He was able to closely study the sacred cultural traditions and beliefs surrounding their need for water and land preservation. Jordie was blessed to have the opportunity to learn about ancient rituals in areas such as food collection and preparation, and he shares some of this knowledge throughout the tour.

Not only do Fabio and Jordie share a passion for all things water and eco, they also each have a strong desire to eventually provide these tours to groups dealing with mental health issues, men’s health and awareness, team building for schools and corporate organisations, and most strongly, for youth at risk. Having both worked with young people previously, they see a gap in the system where adventure-based therapy can be used as a tool to enable young people. Encouraging them to develop skills socially as well as providing a fun outlet to explore, learn and grow as individuals.

Whether you are looking for a fun day out with the kids, have family or friends visiting from overseas or would like to book a tour for a specific group or organisation you are associated with, Bush to Coast Expeditions can offer you a package deal to suit your needs.


By Lowen Taylor


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