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Great Products for Boating

Great Products for Boating



The 12V DC ARG-50T-DC is the newest model to the fleet! For vessels under 10T. Running on 12V DC Batteries or AC power. This powerful compact aircooled unit is easily installed in your center console, half cabin or work-boat. Simple installation. Simple control. Reliable performance. Zero maintenance. Manufactured by Mitsubishi, with over 20 years of experience providing comfort, safety and reliability at-sea. The anti roll gyro will reduce roll at anchor and at slow cruising speeds. Once installed, you’ll find your boating experience to be more pleasurable for the whole family and crew. The Mitsubishi Anti Rolling Gyro works.



Hello to the boating enthusiast! Azure Decor supply nautical art pieces such as wooden fish sculptures mahi mahi, tuna, sailfish, marlin and GT. They are beautifully carved from Saur and Jempinis. The sculptures sit on a stand created from wood. The sizes vary from 600mm, 800mm or 1000mm long. In addition to these elegant items, a number of handcrafted metal wall art with inlaid mosaic, in the shape of marlin, tuna and angel fish. These are excellent pieces to decorate your marine business, work shed or trophy wall. Follow us on Facebook to see new incoming nautical designs. For more information or to request photos of the latest, contact Lynda on 0421604303.    instagram@azure.decor


The new high-low stern platform for outboard-powered boats. The platform allows easy safe access to the water and offers your own private deck perfect for fishing off. Suitable for mono hull and catamaran up to 50ft with single/double/ triple/quad engines. Benefits include easy water/ dock access, small tender and toys can be lifted, deck area increased up to 30%, stabilisation of boat at rest with the platform in the lower position, better protection of outboard engines during docking, improved sport-fishing ability: walk-around at the stern, access steps integrated with the system, propeller check/clean/change possibility, and smartphone remote activation.



It’s only a peg, but it’s quite a story. Beginning in 2004 with a packet of Jumbo Pegs purchased as a novel boating accessory during travel in Asia, the founders of Kingpin Pegs were surprised at the attention it drew from Western Australian boaties around Rottnest Island and the local yacht clubs. The attention gave birth to a business idea, with more products progressively added to the list over the years. Coming into the fold in 2014 was the Super Jumbo Peg, followed by the latest in clean green earth science – the Activated Bamboo Charcoal Eco Pack. These exclusive and original accessories continue to be of great use both indoors and outdoors – limited only by one’s imagination. Utilise the pegs wherever you could use a helping hand, whether it be hanging wet towels on the rails of your boat, pool fence or drying those rags from fishing. Super strong, these ripper grippers will serve you well – only hazard is losing them overboard.



Hate the stale smell of your cabin from fishing or when returning after a long period? Worry about the moisture affecting your precious electronic gear? The science of Activated Bamboo Charcoal for soaking up smells and damp continues to amaze. Now you can discover for yourself the use of its already proven purifying power. Bamboo Charcoal Eco Packs from Australian importer Kingpin are a simple and safe method to remove unpleasant smells and moisture inside your boat, or car or home. Imagine never having to spray chemicals, use messy sachets or dispose of waste elements again! These decorative linen covered Eco Packs are refreshed monthly by simply placing them in the sun for an hour. The ultra violet rays disperse the absorbed residues and allergens, ready for continual re-use up to two years. Each Eco Pack (20cm or 15cm) can be moved from saloon to anchor locker or anywhere in between.