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Shade For Boats

Almost 10 years ago Finbrella commenced the design and development in Perth of a wind-stable umbrella concept. Today Finbrella supplies center pole umbrellas throughout Australia and beyond to private, commercial and public customers for their specific situations.

Our “mission”: To build highest quality, functional, versatile and aesthetically pleasing umbrellas.


The basic principles of the design are to have a canopy with an asymmetric profile, a fin on the top of the canopy and the ability for the canopy to freely rotate on its centre pole. Wind force against the fin allows the canopy to rotate and align to achieve the umbrella’s lowest wind resistance. The canopy’s geometry further assists wind stability by reducing lift.


Finbrellas are made with high tensile grade anodized aluminium, 316 stainless steel, world’s best solution-dyed acrylic fabrics and glass reinforced Nylon-6 as standard. We also offer a number of optional upgrades, accessories, canopy printing and other customizations. We take no shortcuts with any of our materials of construction so that long life outdoors is optimised and warranted. If damaged, any and all parts are simply and readily replaceable by the customer.


The type of fixing/anchoring of an umbrella required for a chosen position can vary substantially. Finbrella has applied particular effort into developing numerous clever anchoring options which also allow complete anchoring interchangeability. So that a Finbrella for the boat can also be used on the beach, by the pool at home or on the grass down at the park.

Quick and easy set-up and taking down of Finbrellas can also allow for boat storage in much lower headroom spaces like carports and boat racks.


Finbrellas are all hexagonal in plan-view and range in diameters from 1.6m through to the largest 4.0m.

Finbrella also supplies an elegant symmetrical Retro range without the fin. The Retro version can be favoured when wind considerations are not necessary and a classic aesthetic is more desirable.


Every customer and every boat is different to a greater or lesser extent. We have had Finbrellas installed on small open dinghies to 60m super yachts and all sorts of private and commercial vessels in between. We know what can work and we will readily and promptly customise to ensure the best result for each and every customer.

Give Tom a call on 0438 984 655 to discuss your boat shade requirements – I’m confident that we will be able to tailor an offer to suit your boat that you’ll be very pleased with.

Stay safe and ENJOY.

Peter Stransky – Founding Director

Designed & assembled in Perth WA using only the highest quality materials of construction.

Fittings and bases to suit any surfa ce and position.

Canopy diameter sizes from 1.6m to 4.0m.

Customizations, canopy printing, accessories and prompt deliveries worldwide. | 0438 984 655 | 08 9438 3781

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