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Quick Tips for a Tipplers Trip

Quick Tips for a Tipplers Trip

The South Stradbroke Island is the most southern sand island in Moreton Bay, and its tip is the southern boundary of Moreton Bay Marine Park, a multiple-use marine protected area. Together with North Stradbroke Island and Moreton Island, it forms the eastern boundary of Moreton Bay.

South Stradbroke Island Conservation Park is managed by the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) to conserve its natural and cultural resources. The park covers 1,444ha of the island, and is protected under the Nature Conservation Act 1992.Mostoftheconservationparksitswithinhabitat protection zone (HPZ15) with no trawling permitted and some restrictions on collecting. A marine national park (green) zone (MNP32) is located on the eastern beach near Currigee. All forms of collecting, including fishing, is prohibited in this zone.

On the eastern side of Jumpinpin (at the northern tip of the island), the shingle beds and sand dunes are an important breeding ground for migratory and resident shorebirds, including the red-capped plover, Australian pied oystercatcher, beach stone- curlew, and the endangered little tern.


No public moorings are available at South Stradbroke Island, but private vessels can anchor in theBroadwateralongthewesternside.Thereare two public jetties for loading and unloading – the North Currigee pontoon (campground) and South

Currigee (the Esplanade) jetty – both of which have 20-minute limits for boats and jet skis.

While boating is largely unrestricted in the surrounding marine park, boat and jet ski operators must:

● adhere to rules in go slow and no anchoring areas

● ensure they do not unreasonably disturb shorebirds anywhere in the marine park

● not discharge any waste in marine national park (green) zones.

● reduce boat speed and avoid anchoring in the shorebird roosting areas.

Recreational fishing is popular along the eastern beach and The Broadwater. Tailor, flathead, dart, bream and whiting are often caught from the beaches, while reef and surface-feeding fish are caught offshore. When fishing:

● Keep fish, bait and burley in sealed containers and away from wildlife.

● Choose a fishing site away from flocks of shorebirds.

● Dispose of used bait bags and unwanted fishing line in bins or take them home.

● Do your fish cleaning away from camping areas.

● Stick to the correct speed limit; ‘go slow’ zones are there to care for seagrass beds and marine animals.

● Bag limits, size and seasonal restrictions apply.

Tipplers passage can become very busy during holiday season, and many boats anchor out on the Broadwater. Being mindful of other boat users and other users of the waterways is very important to maintain a pleasant experience on the water.


Remember that South Stradbroke Island is a conservation park, so to minimise your impact, please be mindful of the following:

● Everything in the park is protected; leave everything as you found it.


● Take rubbish home; bins are not provided in the park.

● Toilets are not provided in the park (except the cafe toilets).

● Avoid the spread of weeds; regularly check footwear and clothing for seeds and remove all seeds, wrap them and place in your rubbish container to bin later.

● Fires are not permitted in the park.

There are three campgrounds on the island: Tipplers Campground, North Currigee and South Currigee. To book at Tipplers Campground, visit the Tipplers Kiosk, located 400m north of Tipplers Campground; to book at the North Currigee and South Currigee, visit the South Currigee site office.

The Tipplers Licensed Cafe, offering a wide range of menu items for daytrippers, is located adjacent to the kiosk. The kiosk stocks water, ice, toiletries, milk, bread, lollies, cold drinks, ice creams, bait, snacks, weekend papers and kids activity packs, while ice deliveries may be arranged by phone.


Compiled by Roselle Tenefrancia


Published in the Jan-May 2020 edition.



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